Fireplace Mantel Installation Marietta GA

Guideline to Install Fireplace Mantel

Are you thinking to Install Fireplace Mantel Marietta GA? Then search up and hire a reliable service or follow some instructions carefully for a DIY project.

Fireplaces are the focal point of every home. In old times people used to build fire in stone hearths or metal boxes in the house. As houses grew into two stories and the chimney technology improved the fireplaces moved to the outer wall. Thus, it has become a part of the decor and a place for craftsmen to show off their carving skills.

If you are looking to increase the worth of your house then as a homeowner you can often get confused by the different choices available in the market. Hence, installing a new fireplace mantel is often one of the central features in a living room. In this article, you will learn to install a mantel shelf for your fireplace which will help you incredibly with the job.

Pick Mantel Shelf

It can be dizzying when you start browsing the fireplace mantel shelves available today. The mantel shelf choice not only depends on the house but also depends on house size and type. Hence, the first decision you must take is the size of the mantel the fireplace will require. However, if you want to Install Fireplace Mantel then Artistic Artisans might be a great choice for you. 


To enhance your home style and save money you can install a mantel on your own. You would need 1x12-inch boards to use a backing for attaching the mantel to the wall. Moreover, this job requires 2x4 boards for support.

The essentials for attaching the mantel to the wall are screw guns, screwdrivers, screws, nails, and a nail gun. Furthermore, you might also need a miter saw or drill to cut the wood to the proper size and ensure a straight fit. 

If someone is working with a stone instead of wood then they might also require a masonry drill bit, angle grinder, jigsaw, mortar, and drop cloth. However, some of the essentials are wood glue, tape measure, and paint, paintbrushes, pans, rollers, and painter’s tape.

Installing The Mantel

In the mantel installation, the first step is to attach the hearth to the subfloor. To set the hearth section you must apply a layer of thin-set mortar to the subfloor. Apply this to the bottom of the individual heart pieces as well and then carefully position the pieces.

Note that the pieces must be in the same manner that tile would be set. Moreover, sometimes a thin bed of brick mortar may be required to level the floor. Moreover, if the subfloor is of wood then you must attach the layer of the backer board. Afterward, you have to attach the hearth to the backer board. 

Usually, the prefabricated mantel kits typically have three or four pieces to attach first and then to the wall. Now, hold the new mantle against the wall where you want it to be installed and mark the height with a pencil. Then mark the location of studs on the wall line and follow the direction that is on the kit.

Afterward, you have to drill bolts into the studs to attach the backboard and then the mantel facade. You must apply the thinnest mortar at the back of the legs and set it in the position. Ensure that mantel legs are plumb and level. 

Afterward, lift the header and place it against the wall and finally attach it. Now you can place spacers on the top of the header and attach the shelf on the top of the header and the wall. Moreover, for the best quality services for fireplace mantel installation , you must contact a reliable company. So do not hesitate and give a call to Artistic Artisans LLC.


Mantel gives the house a smooth and calming effect. Hence, if you are thinking to give your house a new look then this is the perfect decor. Mantel installation can sometimes be a busy job and tricky. Thus, following the above guide might help you to get through this.



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