Combi Boiler in Your House

Benefits of Installing a Combi Boiler in Your House

When choosing a combi boiler, you should know that it provides greater benefit for saving space over different heating systems with the combination of hot water and central heating within one unit. As combi boiler offers complete water heating system, you will not require a separate water cylinder for freezing up household space.

About a combi boiler

A combi boiler is a popular kind of domestic boiler installation for the homeowners. At least 50% of new boiler installations in the UK and Lancashire are actually combi boilers.

These boilers provide a great option to conventional boiler installations as they provide hot water to the radiators and taps that are on-demand. Since combi is fed water from the mains, the system provides heating facility to your house with extreme water pressure due to heavy usage.

The boiler can be fitted easily as less pipe work is needed and you won’t require a cylinder or tank to fit with it. The combi boiler ensures to deliver the perfect solution for households as well as businesses that have restricted space as they can be fitted easily into a kitchen or storage cupboard. As you do not need to install large storage cylinders, the combi boiler may lessen the space required at the time of installing the heating system.

The installation of combi boiler has several benefits and these include:

  • Central heating and domestic hot water.
  • Compact size of boiler that may fit into a storage cupboard or kitchen easily.
  • Suitable for properties that have restricted space.
  • Less pipeworks needed at the time of installation.
  • No requirement for a storage cylinder.
  • Continuous water pressure.
  • Hot water available when in demand.
  • Boiler will be connecting directly to the mains.
  • Quick Installation.

Type of combi boiler you require

You will find a wide range of combi boilers when choosing the right one for your need. The kind of boiler you want to install actually depends on these considerations:

  • Price factor – There are different boilers available at low cost and the price that you need to pay will depend on its size, the level of fuel efficiency or control features for your home or office.
  • Consider the size – The size of boiler you want to select will have a considerable impact on your fuel bills. You should consider the number of rooms that require hot water supply and heating system. Larger boilers may help to improve water pressure that can decline due to different appliances being used together. The restrictions of space can help to determine your boiler’s size.
  • Energy efficiency – The more energy efficient your boiler is, the less you need to pay on the fuel bills. Your boiler ‘s energy efficiency is generally rated from A to G. Boilers which have been rated as A are considered to be fuel efficient and the ones rated as G provide the least benefit for saving energy.
  • Water pressure – While using a combi boiler in your house with at least two bathrooms or several appliances is used, this may lead to some strain on the boiler system. When this takes place, some boiler system finds some decline in water pressure. So, large boilers seem to provide a better option at the time of combating decreased water pressure.

Boiler repair in London

If your boiler system is not working efficiently, then you need to get it repaired. Even when the boiler seems to be outdated, it is necessary to replace it and install a new one for your need. You need to get in touch with professionals who offer 24 hour boiler repairs in London and deal with the problems quickly. Thus, you need not worry about hot water supply in your home or office and ensure smooth working of the boiler.

3 Benefits of a combi boiler for your home

  1. Easy to use – Combi boilers provide hot water and work as a central heating system. Just like your regular boilers, these boilers seem to work efficiently without consuming much energy. The rate of efficiency of your combi boiler is more than 90% and so, many people want to purchase them for their need. These boilers provide instant supply of hot water for your specific requirements.
  2. Suitable for all houses – If you reside in a small apartment, then it would not be practical for installing a large boiler and have huge tank space in your roof. The right choice is a combi boiler due to its size that will not be able to use unnecessary space in your house. It is easy for installation and of heats water directly from the mains, without heating up the tank fully whenever you need warm water. By installing a combi boiler, you will be able to enjoy warm shower and bath without running out of hot warm.
  3. Affordable and practical – Due to on-demand supply of water, choosing the right kind of boiler can save on your finances. Obviously, you want to invest in two in one boiler that provides better understanding of different options available and then compare the process between them. With the right kind of boiler installation, you can actually save almost £300 every year on energy bills. The boilers require longer time to heat large tanks and so, they may consume greater energy that leads to increased bills. The costs of installation, repair and maintenance for these boilers are lower than the ones with conventional boilers.

It is important to select the right kind of boiler for your house and enjoy the best performance from central heating system at reduced cost on your energy bills. If you need further help at the time of deciding the right combi boiler for your need, then the heating professionals can give proper guidance and advice to support you fully. Thus, combi boilers are great for small spaces and believed to be an amazing solution as they provide your home with hot water and central heating on demand.

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