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6 Major Blunders to Avoid while Choosing Movers and Packers

To avoid the most stupid mistakes when it comes to choosing a moving company, read this blog. Here, you will find some useful information.

When it comes to moving, most people panic because it is not at all an easy job. You have to move all your possessions seamlessly, make sure that they are unpacked safely, complete all the paperwork, and more.

So here are some of the major mistakes that you should avoid while choosing movers and packers. I hope that you enjoy reading this blog and do not repeat the same blunders.

When moving in Chicago, you shouldn't fail to check the background of the company. You have to conduct your thorough research to make sure that the company is authentic and reliable. You should take a look at its reviews, their infrastructure, and ownership of offices, etc. The company should be insured and licensed as well. So do not forget to do the initial round of checking.

Secondly, you shouldn’t forget to get an in-house estimate from them. This shows that the moving company is a professional one and is damn serious about their job. Refuse to take estimates via phone calls or video. However, if you want to take a bid from four to five companies, then it is okay to get quotes via calls. This is up to you but I always suggest my readers go for in-house estimates as they are more accurate and you also get to communicate with the movers. You can see whether they are friendly, communicative, polite, punctual or not. This would develop your relationship with them and you would be more confident about your choice.

You have to read authentic reviews of the local movers Chicago. Do not trust just any random site. Look for testimonials in sites like BBB, Yelp, etc. If you have any doubts regarding the company, consider checking its social media page and rating. In today’s world, digital presence plays a huge role. If you see complaints regarding its behavior, punctuality, etc., then you must avoid the company. Do not go for companies with too many negative reviews or poor ratings. The movers should be gentle with the delicate belongings. Any company that drags furniture over the floors or manhandles the belongings should be avoided. I have come across many people who have missed checking reviews, only to regret later. You have to understand that the prior opinion of the previous clients is very important to determine the efficiency level of a company. Customers also write/complain about fraudulent activities, rude behavior, hidden charges or surprise bills and more. No matter how trivial a complaint is, it should be looked into. You must also ask the company directly about such complaints if you want to; or else, look for the next best possible option.

Now, this is a mistake that can be made on your part – forgetting to mention special items such as plants, piano, pool table, etc. while getting the quote. You can’t blame the movers if you do not inform them clearly about what you own and what you intend to move. This is a blunder made from your side. Other mistakes on your part include taking things for granted (not conducting proper research), forgetting to consider tax and other such costs while budgeting, and not starting ahead. If you have no clue about what the movers relocate and what they don’t, then let me tell you that you must get a list before sorting the items. They generally don’t move flammable or explosive items, etc.

You should never go for a company that is not eager to inform you about the insurance valuation of your goods. It is extremely important and safe for you to get your items covered via insurance.

Do not commit the mistake of not taking paperwork seriously. Your movers should guide you regarding the same, and if they don’t, you have to reconsider their efficiency. Ask them about the mode of communication you will be receiving from their end. If you get vague answers, then it is okay to look for other options.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. To know more about cheap movers Chicago, read my other articles and rb_blog.

Author Bio: Alex, a blogger cheap local movers Chicago, writes on the common mistakes to avoid while choosing professionals for relocation. For seamless moving to Chicago, read his rb_blog.

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