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A mere mention of a wedding and your mind gets flooded with millions of hopes, dreams, and fantasies you have been holding onto since you were a little girl. Doesn’t it?? Wedding day is indeed one of the most important days of our lives and no one wants to cause last-minute disasters with their questionable choices in makeup, clothing, accessories, venues, and whatnot. Well, the one thing you definitely need to stop fussing over is your bridal makeup as a little assistance from our experts will make certain that you look exquisitely gorgeous on your big day. Here are a few tips are given below for flawless wedding makeup and when you’re done enlightening yourself with this, make sure you browse our bridal lehenga guide before you make your pick for your wedding dress.

1. Take the weather into account before applying makeup-

Summer weddings are always tough and since it’s summer season, we want to suggest all those brides who are getting married in summer to strictly use oil-free products if they don’t want their makeup to come off in the middle of the wedding rituals (Imagine what inconvenience it would cause!!!). So ladies, always use oil-free primer, moisturizer, foundation, etc, and don’t forget to carry oil-free blotting sheets with you.

2. Waterproof makeup is indispensable-

Weddings are happy occasions but you can always expect some tears at the end, after all, it’s us girls who have to leave everything behind. So if you’re worried that your tears are going to wash away your bridal makeup then you need to use waterproof makeup products to seal the makeup in. You also need to apply waterproof glue, if you are planning on wearing fake lashes.    Makeup Artist in Lucknow

3. Heavy makeup-

If you are the bride, then we suggest keeping your makeup a little heavier than usual (all the camera flashes and a lot of light on your face is going to dampen your makeup), because you are going to be the star of the evening and you better be prepared for all the limelight. However, you have to make sure that the makeup is just enough and not too much otherwise you are gonna end up looking like a doll, not a good one though.  Beauty Salon in Lucknow

4. Take a trial session-

Be certain to explain your needs and expectations regarding your wedding look beforehand to the bridal makeup artist, if you are hiring one. We also recommend getting a trial session before the wedding, so that you can be aware of the do and don’ts of makeup on your big day. The best idea is to find what goes best with your face shape and skin tone, allow your best features pop up and keep the makeup compatible with the heavy jewelry and lehenga which are an inseparable part of Indian weddings. Because let’s be honest here ladies, we only live once and we don’t want to look like a clown on the most significant day of our lives.

5. Book a bridal package-

If you are going to be a bride soon then this is the one Indian bridal makeup tip you should begin with. Your skin takes time to take in nourishment and treatments and going through all the treatments just when you are only one week due for your wedding won’t cut it out. Start prepping your skin by indulging yourself into facials, pedicures, and manicures, etc, at least two months before your wedding if you want your skin to be lit on your big day and after.

With all those childhood dreams coming to life, your wedding day is all about you and it is completely acceptable that you don’t want to leave any stone unturned for looking your absolute best on this day. We are here to make sure that you do. These above-mentioned tips are carefully listed down by our experts to make sure that you don’t worry about your unflattering candids while taking your vows.  Makeup Academy in Lucknow

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