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5 Expert Tips For Choosing The Right Hot Tub

What are the criteria to take into account before buying a hot tub? What is the correct price and guarantees offered? And what equipment is essential to take advantage of it? To resolve your confusion, here are five tips by experts on hot tub deals.

If you're here, then you are probably looking forward to purchasing a hot tub. Given the multiplicity of brands and models, it can become very confusing. Many queries strike our heads, like: 

What are the criteria to take into account before buying a hot tub? What is the correct price and guarantees offered? And what equipment is essential to take advantage of it? 

To resolve your confusion, here are five tips by experts on hot tub deals

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Think of Your Needs 

Each person has a different spa. Why? Because each spa buyer is unique. Because each spa user seeks various benefits, like: 

Therapeutic spa: Health problems or the need to keep fit? Pay close attention to the equipment in terms of seat ergonomics and hydrotherapy.

Friendly spa: Need a spa to share unforgettable moments with family, couples, or with your children? Choose a hot tub with enough seats for each and a water level suitable for all.

Fun spa: Choose a "mixed" spa that is both therapeutic and friendly, equipped with options such as chromotherapy, aromatherapy, and an audio system for long moments of relaxation alone, as a couple or with your children.

So, think of your needs and only then contact hot tub suppliers

Which Seller To Choose?

Hot Tub brands are numerous, and many have already disappeared. Prefer brands that are known and recognized on the market. Purchasing a product like Hot Tub needs advice and follow-up.

Ask yourself the right questions when purchasing the spa:

- What's the cost?

- Who installs it?

- Who takes care of after-sales service?

If it is not the seller, who will be there to answer your questions, help you, or even troubleshoot your hot tub in the event of a problem?

In general, it is better to buy a spa from a water professional: a spa or swimming pool specialist. You will find many such stores in your country. 

The purchase of a spa on the internet: there are many spas on the internet sold on websites of major brands as well as on more general sales sites like Amazon. As with a store purchase, ask yourself the right questions (see above) and watch out for cheap spas. If you are looking to but hot tub in UK then try the Hot Tub Store.

Think Of The Thermal Insulation Of The Spa

Insulating a spa is an essential element of choice with a direct impact on the cost of operating the hot tub. The designation "hot tub" abroad is not trivial. Insulation conserves heat and reduces the operation of the heating system. The better the spa is insulated, the less electricity the spa consumes.

To know a well-insulated hot tub when used 20 minutes every day will cost you less than 15 $ per month. Otherwise, the electricity consumption of the spa can reach up to $ 200 per month!

How do you know if a spa is well insulated? Just open the entourage panel to examine it!

Pay Special Attention To Ergonomic

One piece of advice: try a spa before buying it. Why? To be certain that it is suitable for its future users. This is called ergonomics. The ergonomics have a direct impact on the comfort of the seats (seats and benches), the effectiveness of massages, and the safety of use.

Indeed, care must be taken to choose a spa suited to your bathroom size. Try the spa to make sure it was designed for you. On the other hand, you have to select a spa of the right depth with different seat heights. A man measures on average 180cm and a woman 160cm. If you don't pay attention, Madame will end up with her head underwater, or massages will be poorly done ( hydrotherapy nozzles in the wrong place).

Also, pay attention to the number of seats: 4 seats does not mean four people! The manufacturer can count two seats for a bench seat, but when you lie down, there is one place less. You may, therefore, be unable to enter the spa with your friends!

Go For A Hot Tub With A Good Hydrotherapy System

Another important selection criterion is the hydrotherapy system. In other words, the location, number, and type of jets installed in the spa. The spa is a whirlpool with massage stations adapted to the kind of desired therapeutic effect: massage of the lumbar, back, and feet. Not to mention the sequential massages which reproduce massages by hand. Prefer spas developed with the help of specialists (physiotherapists for example) for optimal massage efficiency and make your hot tub a right spa centre like the one offered by the Hot Tub Store UK. 

Lastly - Pay attention to the number of jets!

It is not the number of jets that make efficiency but their implantation. The right nozzle in the right place according to the shape of your body. And the more jets you have, the greater the power or the number of pumps required, and the higher the electrical consumption of the spa. That’s it, now you are all set to look out for hot tub shops near you.

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