5 facts you should know before trying homoeopathic medicine

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Homoeopathy is the world’s second-largest medical system, meant for just about everyone. However, myths around homoeopathy keep it away from its audience. Here are some facts about homoeopathy you must know.

Homoeopathy Acts Quickly

Homoeopathic remedies provide quick relief in many cases. They act as fast as conventional medicines, sometimes even faster in cases of acute ailments like fever, diarrhoea and acute cold and cough. However, you should understand that duration of homoeopathic treatment depends a lot on factors like the extent of your illness, progress of the disorder and earlier treatments you may have taken for the same.

There are no known side effects

Homoeopathic medicines are often derived from herbs, but the plant material gets altered during potentization, a process by which a substance—either herbal, mineral, or animal—gets consecutively diluted and vigorously shaken to bring out the medicinal properties. The more a substance goes through this process, the longer and more deeply the resulting medicine acts and the fewer doses you'll need to successfully treat an ailment.

Homoeopathy cannot always be used with conventional medicines

Many people believe homoeopathic medicines are harmless and can be continued with other forms of medicines; it is not. Some homoeopathy medicines contain heavy metals like mercury and iron and can interfere with working of conventional medicines. Hence it is best to inform your doctor about the medicines that you are already taking to prevent side effects.

Homoeopathy does not cure all diseases

Homoeopathy gives lasting results for sure. The word is theoretical, which cannot be promised for, in difficult diseases. AIQ Healthcare provides  homeopathic medicine for anxiety and stress.

There are no diet restrictions

The only dietary restrictions that a homoeopath may impose depend on the disease that the patient suffers from; for example, diabetics should avoid sweets and a high carbohydrate diet. These type of dietary suggestions are commonly recommended to keep up the healing.

Since homoeopathic medicines act through nerve endings, traditional homoeopaths do not prefer the use or consumption of any substance with strong odours like toothpaste, garlic, and onions, as this could affect the action of homoeopathic medicines. If you are looking for  Immune Boosting Homeopathy or homoeopathy for stress, then AIQ Healthcare is the right platform to get one.




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