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5 Hacks for Creating Your Organic Garden

Creating an indoor garden for your home provides you with the opportunity to improve the beauty of your home while also allowing you to grow foods and herbs for your family's dinner table. There are several hacks you can use to get started or improve your existing home garden.

Upgrading the appearance of your home is one way to make it an exciting place for you and your family to live. Every time you come from work in the evening, you need to find a place that makes you feel good. Nothing can make you feel better than a home that has been well kept and maintained. You can enhance the appearance of your home using different techniques. However, having an organic garden should be on top of your list. Consider the following hacks to create an organic garden for your home.

Make Use of Hanging Pots

Hanging pots are some of the best tools you can use to create your organic garden. You can follow the simple approach where you hang your pots directly from the ceiling. However, you can be more creative and use a rod to hang the pots next to your window.

Whenever you choose a hanging pot for your home, ensure that you buy the one whose color matches your furnishings. Always select a place that is budget-friendly to purchase your pots. However, if you don't have the budget for that, improvising a hanging pot would still be ideal as long as you paint the right color on it.

Use Old Furniture

You may think of throwing away your old furniture after getting a new stuff. By throwing away your furniture, you could be getting rid of something that would help improve the beauty of your home. If you have old furniture, especially an old seat or table, you should convert it into an organic garden. You can use the furniture for your external space to put in soil in order to allow your chosen type of plants to grow. Ensure that you paint the furniture to make it more appealing to the eye and last for a longer time.

Convert Your Wine Bottle into a Water Bottle

Creating an organic garden is not complete without making sure that your plant has sufficient water. As you are creating your organic garden, ensure that you have a way to irrigate your plant from time to time. Here you can turn your wine bottles that are filling up the kitchen into water bottles.

There are several methods you can use to insert the bottle filled with water into the soil to water the plants. Following this approach ensures that your plants do not wither even during a dry season, making your garden look fresh every time.

Utilize Your Indoor Space

If you have a space within your home and don't know what to do with it, creating an organic garden could be both functional and beautiful. Not only will the garden get rid of that empty space but also improve the beauty within your property. A wooden ladder could transform your space into an interesting one.

You could use a wooden ladder to put your plants on. Each step on the ladder could have a plant or other decorative items. While using the ladder, you can choose to paint it to look like some of the plants. Although this could be a beautiful and unique idea, it can be impractical if your goal is to grow larger quantities of plants.

You can create a large-scale garden within your home by using a vertical growing rack. Ensure that you use a stand that has three levels to ensure one level for light fixtures, two elevated levels for growing, and a ground-level draining box. Or you can use pots of flowers or vegetables on every level of the rack if you’re using natural sunlight as your light source.

The best racks are made out of steel as opposed to wood or other metals that can develop fungus or deteriorate over time. Also, using sturdy racks ensures that your plants are safe from falling over.

You may not understand the value of a garden within your home unless you take the initiative to create your own. Your home needs to be a place where you can be able to relax. Having a garden nearby offers you a relaxed environment as it brings a natural feeling. Follow the tips mentioned above to create a wonderful garden for your home.

You can use the garden to plant crops for your family’s consumption. To reduce the cost of buying whole foods every day, planting vegetables in your garden could be a great idea. Also, you will be able to enjoy fresh vegetables that haven't been grown with high amounts of toxic chemicals and pesticides that are used to deter pests outdoors.


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