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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing the Right Work Gloves for Construction

For heavy work like construction, you need to choose safety gears like gloves very carefully. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when choosing gloves for work.

The hands are the most used body part of a worker. But sadly, they are also the most prone to injuries. Researches also show that most hand injuries at workplace happen due to not wearing gloves, or more appropriately, not wearing the right gloves.

Learning about protective gloves can help you reduce the risk of hand injuries at construction work sites. In choosing the right gloves, we have identified 5 common mistakes that can be made. Knowing the same is essential for the safety of every worker in the industry.

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1. Stick with Old Gloves

Gloves have improved over time and provide a greater balance between safety, comfort, style and price, and glove manufacturers now offer a wide range of customized gloves. But the most annoying part is when the buyer continues to buy the same gloves that they have been stuck to.

It is important to understand that there have been many improvements in protective gloves and tasks have changed, so choosing old gloves is really not good for the workers as there are better gloves that gives them better safety.

2. Buying Gloves Without Hazard Assessment

Because there are different types of risks in the workplace, and the risk may differ depending on the nature of the work, the gloves that fit one employee can be a bad decision for another. Therefore, a business should perform a risk analysis and ensure that the gloves are not purchased in accordance with past injuries, without considering the risks that may occur in the future.

3. Buying Excessively Protective Gloves

Over protection does not mean full protection. Buying gloves with an arc flash, fire resistance, may be the most suitable tools for fire safety, but not for others. It can be just a lot of equipment and protection that they do not need. When choosing a glove you need to assess the risks and what protection your workers need every day.

4. Choosing the Wrong Size

There is nothing worse than buying the wrong size gloves. The right size of a glove is that which fits well but at the same time has the ability to stretch to any movement. If the glove is too small, the wearer will find it difficult to wear. If it is too big, it can get caught in the machinery, causing hand damage.

5. Choosing the Wrong Material

Choosing the wrong material is dangerous for your hands and can be a big mistake. Gloves are the most important safety factor in construction works. You can find gloves in different materials, but leather gloves are the best for all durability, agility, cutting resistance and maximum strength.

These are the mistakes to avoid when choosing gloves for construction workers. If you are looking for leather construction gloves, you can always get the best quality gloves from us.

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