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It is no secret that the corona virus pandemic has led to a massive surge in online grocery shopping for deliveries and curb side pickups. After all, shopping for groceries via an app or online offers greater convenience and greater safety as well. But if you are going this route to buy your food supplies, there some major mistakes you should avoid. These are as follows.

  1. Buying items/products in bulk  

Bulk bargain deals can convince and then sway even the best of us. Nonetheless, you need to avoid making this common grocery shopping mistake by asking yourself a simple question, which is, would you buy this had this not been on sale? Not to mention, buying edible products in large quantities is almost never a good idea as it results in unnecessary expenditure and wastage of money.

  1. Not paying consideration to shipping costs

Can you recall the number of times you have done this? You include a product to your cart and just when you are about to check out, you notice that the price of the product has increased thanks to the shipping charges. To avoid this, check the prices of the products from sites that offer free delivery. Even if the prices are slightly higher, you can still save by avoiding shipping charges.

  1. Not checking the return policy.

This habit is one of those that help you empty your wallet in no time. You see a cute tea-set online and fall in love with it instantly. You immediately order it but when it is delivered, you find that it is damaged. So, you intend to return it, but the online retail outlet is not ready to give your money back. So, in order to avoid being stuck with products that are damaged, then make sure that you order from websites that accept returns as well as returns the money.

  1. Being unaware of the weights and the right size of the required products

This catches a majority of people off guard. Every now and then the ordering system wants you to order produce by quantity and sometimes it is by weight. Clearly, when you are in the store, this is not an issue. You are able to look at the items and know about how much you will need in size, but online if they are asking for a weight, you may not have an idea. Take a notebook and start weighing produce. Learn about how many apples are there in a pound or how many cups of cauliflower you think you can get from one head and so on and so forth.

  1. Not allowing replacements/substitutions

If you choose to allow substitutions/replacements, the person picking your items will do their best to select the items you ordered, but sometimes that will not always be a possibility and substitutes will have to be made. Whether it is a different brand or two cans of sauce that equal the larger can you ordered, they will work it all out. This may be as simple as getting you another brand or another size. There is also a chance you will not be asked to pay the difference between, say, the item you asked for and a more expensive version. But, if you do not allow substitutions, you simply will not get that item. Make sure you realize this if your groceries arrive missing a few key staples you had asked for.

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