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5 of the Best Tools to Build Your Email List Online

So you want to know which tools can help you build an email list. Here are the best tools to build and grow your email list,

So, you want to know about b2b prospecting tools helping in building an email list online? That means you are aware that email marketing is the king despite what anyone says. 


Are you done with everything to build the email list offline? Well, you need to understand that marketing trends evolve. They keep on changing and getting advanced over some time. But, what never went out of style is email marketing. 


Email marketing earns you revenue and generates traffic to, apart from b2b lead generation.


What is email listing?

It is a unique and special list of the email addresses of people who permitted you to send them updates about offers, services, events, and webinars.

It is an essential part of the marketing strategy online to find your suitable prospecting leads. 


Why is email listing important?

To bring to your notice, around 87% of b2b marketers and 77% of b2c marketers use email marketing. It is a vital and crucial way to build relationships with your potential prospects in the present or for in the future. It has been observed that 4300% return on investment for business in the USA is earned through email marketing.

The other reasons that make email marketing important are,

  • Email is a proposal, it allows you to end up in prospects inbox with purpose. You can inform them of the new offer, discounts, and other services.
  • Email is personal.
  • Email helps you reach your targeted lead. 
  • Email listing helps you earn revenue and meet your future converting customer.

It also becomes important as a b2b prospecting lead visiting your profile might not return ever! So, to remind them of your presence you need to build an email list. It will help you educate them about new offers, services, and other content of their reference. Being a library to any lead helps in converting the lead into potential customers.


How can you build an email list online?

Building an email list is quite a hustling work one does. But as you know how beneficial it can you can try to make an effective email list. So, we give you five b2b prospecting tools to build an email list online. It will not only save your time but ease your b2b prospecting strategies too.

Popups are very effective and you too might have signed up earlier while visiting any website. Popups are also known as Lead Capture Forms

This helps you with the best form by analyzing which forms work without you getting involved in any coding skills. It has a variety of forms available that you can choose from.

  • Lighthouse
  • Footer Bar
  • Slide-In

The b2b lead generation looks easy is half your work is done by using this tool. It integrates with few email marketing tools and CRM services as in MailChimp, Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor.



Landing pages are the primary resource for email listing. This b2b prospecting tool helps you entice your leads with whitepaper download, trial sign-ups, and even purchases. 


The best part is you can choose a template from its endless library. Duplicate the original and even change the text version and see which scheme works the best.



LandingPages help you create an attractive landing page. And, an attractive landing page drives more engagement and traffic that helps you build an email list.


LeadPages integration helps in constantly sync your new contact into your constant contact email marketing list. It provides a simple call-to-action and is accessible on any device be it desktop or mobile. You can choose from the pre-designed templates and see which goes best with your website theme.



The only purpose of any marketing strategy or offer is to convert your lead into customers and a lifelong subscriber. This b2b prospecting tool helps you with the same. It helps you in growing your email list with leads that can be your potential customers. 

It is a provider of catchy and hard to ignore opt-in-forms that pops up before the lead is about to leave. From the top bar to the scroll bar, the option is unlimited to choose from. 

It works on mobile and desktop both making it a more approachable and friendly way to get the email address. 

The plus point is the analytics that helps you in eliminating assumptions and test designs to know the visitor’s engagement.


Facebook Lead App

An easy way to get the email address is by getting the join my mailing list Facebook app. It helps you collect email addresses and add automatically to your email listing page.

Easy to set up without any coding skills. You customize accordingly and give a short crisp introduction of what they might receive which is your business services demo. Set a catchy and short phrase that makes them feel special.



Hopefully, now you know the basics of email listing and b2b prospecting tools for lead generation online. There are tools available for free and some with a subscription or free trial policy.

Understand your prospects and get in the field of growing your email listing important for revenue and lead conversion.


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