On-demand Pet Sitting App

Building an Uber app for dog walking with advanced features

Pet lovers are increasing day by day, which in turn brightens the prospect of Uber for Dog walking services app. Entrepreneurs can get a highly customizable and readymade on-demand pet sitting app solution from Appdupe and start their business venture instantly. We provide assistance before and after launch, in addition to that, we also offer technical support for a specific period. Connect with us!

Developing an on-demand Uber app for walking dogs undoubtedly benefits the pet owners and pet lovers, having no worries about caring for their pets with this robust app. 

There is a high demand for using on-demand apps for everything. No matter how badly they want to take their dog for a walk, they still have responsibilities and personal work to do. Since everything is digitalized, dog owners also prefer to have experienced, trustworthy dog walkers who they can connect with directly from a pragmatic dog walking app like Uber. 

Always remember why everyone prefers using such Uber-like apps for everything. The primary reason is time. A lack of time is a significant concern for users, and it goes the same for dog owners. Therefore, we are developing an app like Uber for dog walking that helps subside dog owners' stress and workload with the following features.

Uber For Dog Walking App Features

Availability Toggle
The Dog Walker can make their availability with a simple toggle feature available in the uber for dog walking app, and dog owners can avail of their services within their free hours.

A clear profile for dog walkers
This app feature helps users view the dog walkers’ detailed profile, like the number of years of experience, visiting fees, and the Dog Walker’s nearest area with ease.

Customers can book an appointment with the nearest Dog Walker at any time they need it. The app also has an option to cancel or reschedule the bookings without any hassle.
Push Notifications
Enable dog walkers to get notifications like special offers and discounts and keep them notified of their bookings’ status. Keep it short and attractive to captivate users’ attention.

Payment Integration
Give users an option to choose their convenient and available payment methods by integrating payment options like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, etc., into the Uber-like app for Dogwalkers. 
Searching by Category
With the help of an advanced search engine, the user can choose options available in the app, helping them find out the best and experienced dog walker for service.

GPS Route
This feature helps users track their requested Dog Walker till that person reaches your destination with in-built Geolocation services.

Reschedule/ Cancel Appointments
Add the option to reschedule or cancel their scheduled appointments for the user without any issue.

Bill Estimation
Build the on-demand dog walking app development with an in-built calculator that calculates the service fee by default, considering factors like the dog walker fee and the distance covered.
Accept/ Reject Request
Enable the same option for Dog Walker to accept or reject requests based on their convenience and availability. Also, if they are committed to another customer, they can leave the app’s bid.

Detailed  Reports
With the detailed and advanced reports available in the app, you can quickly check out where the areas are in huge demand for dog walking to increase your commission. It positively benefits businesses by giving a clear idea of planning.

While developing an app, track various user and dog walker activities like the number of requests came in and the number of bookings processed via the app.

Summing up, the dog walking apps have become a massive demand among pet owners. The on-demand dog walking applications give dog owners the liability, freedom, and the ability to take care of their pets by experienced and skilled dog walkers.

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