5 Optimization Tips to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate

These are proven tactics of enhancing eCommerce conversion rates, but take some time and require patience. Thus, it is on the eCommerce business provider now to implement all these tactics and optimize its ROI through them.

E-commerce is a very well-known field in business today, and also a long and crowded marathon to win at. Though for instance the distance to cover could be shortened, but not the competitors. The co-runners will remain the same and rather increase every day.

The eCommerce conversion rate especially is a vehicle that drives your venture and lets your idea win the crowded marathon easily.

So! What to do for winning the eCommerce marathon? Will those commercial strategies work here? Will manipulation work here?

Well, we can’t assure the shortcuts, but we have some proven tactics that can bring conversions to your eCommerce business. Let’s jump into some of the niche digital marketing optimizing tactics to increase eCommerce conversion rate-

1. Integrate Social Media With Your eCommerce Business

Social media has become one of the most common things for all of us. Thus, it will be sensible to involve social media in an eCommerce business.

Once your idea gets enough acquaintances on social media, it can accelerate your conversion rate with unexpected rapidity.

Social media has not one but many reasons to be involved with any business, that include an enormous population, easy exchange of information, ease of recommendation, and 24*7 availability and whatnot.

Visual commerce and social media aggregation are the two main games played around social media. And both of them are used for increasing the eCommerce conversion rate.

2. Describe the Order Progress (Make the path visible for customers)

Customers usually get puzzled in the process of purchase. In between the landing home page to the payment page, the progress chart must be visible to every customer.

Some eCommerce websites keep a progress bar visible throughout the purchase progress, which keeps the customer intact and informed about the number of steps remaining. Make the checkout process easy especially and the overall process clearly visible.

Also, note that the lesser the steps, the higher would be the probability of conversion. People don’t like long and complex progress and can bounce from your website if you have a lengthy process of purchase.

3. Keep the website fast (don’t let the customers move away)

If any short and smart description exists to comprehend this fact, it will be ‘Time is Money’. That’s it.

And you have to keep the fact in mind that there are way more websites than your expectation, running their business in eCommerce. Therefore, not only in the quality but also technically, you have to challenge your competitors.

The longer your website page loads, the higher will be the bounce or exit rate for your website.

Thus, keep your website fast, and don’t let the customers leave without exploring all your products.

4. Provide Filter-Options to Channel The Choices

Customers like to keep their choice of products channelized. Thus, the ‘filter’ option is a must for any eCommerce website.

Keep your products channelized into a number of categories and provide relevant filters to choose appropriate products.

A Customer would appreciate a well-curated eCommerce website.

5. Add Only Meaningful-Content

Relevance is a term, which is very important in digital marketing. It can keep your audience engaged with your website and can also send back at a glance only.

Thus, firstly, one should keep its brand name relevant to its product and then the products as well.

Meaningful-content also means for the content which is clearly demonstrated. Your customer should not feel vague or confused with your description and image of your product.

High-quality, well-composed, and well-explained content leads to attraction and can help you in increasing your conversion rate too.


There are other optimizable factors to increase your eCommerce conversion rate including-

  • Effective email marketing

  • Analytics

  • Free shipping to your customers

  • Allowing customers to contact as a customer support

  • Use of abandonment cart

  • Adding an option of Live chat for 24*7 customer help

These are proven tactics of enhancing eCommerce conversion rates, but take some time and require patience. Thus, it is on the eCommerce business provider now to implement all these tactics and optimize its ROI through them.

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