Reasons You Need To Get Eyelash Extensions

5 Reasons You Need To Get Eyelash Extensions

Read here to know why women love to get classic lashes done before you book yourself a one-to-one consultation with our expert lash artist at Wisp Lashes.

Who doesn’t wish to have long, thick, and fluttery eyelashes without layering mascara? We all do. Unfortunately, very few of us are blessed with such genetics. Don’t frown if you are not. We belong to the same team as most top models and actresses. Then how do their eyelashes appear full and dense? It’s eyelash extensions that make them look divine. If the “should I get an eyelash extension?” question has been on your mind, the answer is and will always remain a definite yes. Classic lashes are easy to maintain and look after. They grab attention and make you look mesmerizing. If you are contemplating getting an eyelash extension, you deserve to see what it looks and feels like. 

Here are reasons why women love long eyelashes and need lash extensions.

They boost self-confidence - 

Eyelash extensions are perfect for special occasions and events. But, they are a lot more than just a one-time thing. They make you look so confident that once you get them, I promise you there is no going back to your natural lashes. Extensions change your appearance by making you look brighter and youthful. They bring out your natural eye color. The best part about lash extensions is that they do not alter your natural lashes which many of us dread. Without causing any harm to your natural lash, eyelash extensions give you a glamorous and sultry look. Some may be worried that the lash extension may turn out too heavy for their liking. Do not worry. There are fewer flashy options available as well called classic eyelashes. All it does is enhances what you already have. Irrespective of what your style is, there is something for everyone when it comes to eyelash extensions. It makes you look fierce and feel unstoppable.

Saving money on make-up and spending less time doing it -

Once you decide to get an eyelash extension, you can quit buying mascaras. This is a major pocket saver as most mascaras expire within 3-6 months of opening. If you are keen on high-end makeup, eyelash extensions will do you a massive favor. On mornings when you are running late, you will still look just as youthful and awake as any other day due to wide-looking eyes. Although it is not recommended, you may use eyeliner and eye shadow if you wish. Some women opt for eyelash extensions only and only because they are tired of running late to work due to the long make-up routines and clumpy and panda-looking eyes. The cherry on the cake is that you won’t have to get your eye make-up off every evening. 

Get it, set it and forget it - 

Some step away from getting lash extensions due to their active lifestyles. Hence, arises the most commonly asked question“can we get eyelash extensions if we live an active life?” The answer yet again is a big yes. Other than boxing, you can do everything including swimming once you allow them to set which takes 48 hours after your appointment. Just bear in mind eyelash extensions require little upkeep. 

Below are things you need to do to maintain your beautiful extensions - 

  • Avoid lash curlers
  • Use an oil-free make-up remover
  • Use an eyelash combing brush to gently comb the lashes
  • Avoid rubbing the eyes
  • Book a refill appointment every 3-4 weeks. 

It is easy to maintain lash extensions once the above points are taken care of. They are perfect for everyone even for women with an active lifestyle. 

It is your chance, be experimental - 

Blessed with natural and full lashes? You can still go for lash extensions. This is your chance to enhance what is already beautiful and unique. Wanting to go for something simple, fanning out the ends can be a good idea. If your natural lashes are long but lack volume, ask for volume and you will have it. The great thing about eyelash extensions is that they are customized as per the client’s needs and preferences. All of us have different eye shapes and face structures, hence one size fits all is not the case here. Walk-in and tell us what you want and you will get exactly that. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles. This will give you a unique and fresh appearance. 

Pamper yourself, you deserve it - 

Lash extension appointments are known to be relaxing to an extent where clients feel they are rejuvenating. The lash room has a suitable temperature, with a comfortable lash bed or reclining chair. Meditating music is played for your relaxation along with aromatherapy. Everyone deserves time off from their hectic schedule. What better than spending the time enhancing your beauty. As it’s said if you look good, you feel good. If you are looking for a makeover, look no further. Getting lashed up will change your look like no other. If you reside around Knoxville, web search “eyelash extension near me” and get ready to transform your personality.  

Conclusion – 

You can already tell the number of advantages classic lashes have. Stop spending time at home struggling to fix and darken the sparse gaps with home remedies. Head to an eyelash extension salon near you today and get to know all the different styles available for you. You have dense lashes and need a length, we got you covered. Blessed with length, but no volume, do not worry. One can achieve the most dramatic look or the simplest one in less than an hour. Special occasions around the corner? Go all out and get a sultry and flirty pair of lashes. Irrespective of the style, lash extensions look natural as they are attached to your natural lashes. Now we know exactly why women need to get eyelash extensions. 


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