5 trending ways to wear white sneakers with your favourite outfits

5 trending ways to wear white sneakers with your favourite outfits

You need to be specific and accurate while matching up your white sneakers with your jeans, t-shirts, shirts, and trousers.

Since 1960, white sneakers are trending and matching up with any of your outfits in your wardrobe. But there are some certain codes you need to follow to catch up with the latest fashion. You need to be specific and accurate while matching up your white sneakers with your jeans, t-shirts, shirts, and trousers.

Keep your eyes on the following, the most perfect ways to dress-up while wearing white sneakers in your feet:

White shirt and blue denims

One of the perfect matches, white shirt, white sneakers, and blue denims break all the records of smartness whether you are hitting streets or attending college class. In addition, Black aviator sunshade will be a perfect addition to this attire.

Ripped blue jeans and a check shirt

Try something complete casual with ripped blue jeans and a check shirt accompanied by white sneakers. This killer match will surely turn some gorgeous eyes on you. Try the best-in-class check shirts from Swiss Military to give a perfect touch to your casual appearance.

Blue denim shorts & black t-shirt

Your complete casual outing can be adored by a pair of blue denim shorts, a black t-shirt, and white sneakers. Black wayfarer or aviators will be definitely a great pick to achieve a perfect casual look.

Navy blue trouser & maroon polo t-shirt

Try something different but surely eye pleasing; a pair of navy blue trousers and a maroon polo t-shirt accompanied by the whole white sneakers to get a professional dude look in your office on Friday. Check out the premium polo t-shirt collection in the house of Swiss Military.

Blue denim with a black shirt

The forever favourite; blue denim with a black shirt, you can cheer up this combination with your favourite white sneakers to get an elegant look anytime, whether it is weekdays or weekends.

Remember, fashion is something that can be discovered by anyone and anytime, and most importantly – with anything you have in your wardrobe.

Incline towards cotton shirts

Rainy seasons are more humid than any other season. You need to wear cotton shirts during this season as they can soak your sweat easily and doesn’t harm your skin. Shirts with tropical prints are always welcome to the season.

Make yourself casual

Casual is a forever look to beat the humid heat of monsoon. A couple of round neck t-shirts with funky graphics is a perfect way to go all the way casual. Being casual is the right way to get contacted with the mighty monsoon.

Blazers to enhance your party look

Parties are important too to enjoy and burst the thrust. Here blazers come out to rescue when you are entering Friday evening parties. They are versatile like DiCaprio that you can pair them with both your t-shirts and shirts.

Try Shorts instead of Pants

Shorts are not meant to keep locked in almirah all the time. Pick them out and make them your fashion statement during rainy sessions. It is recommended to wear Dark-hued coloured shorts because they can match-up with the colour of the weather.

Raincoat Jacket

A raincoat doesn't mean always the awkward-looking plastic coats to escape rains. Raincoat means trench coat or other stylish and premium varieties of waterproof jackets in the combination of hat or cap. This would definitely be the perfect style statement for the monsoon.

Keep an umbrella with you

A gentleman never forgets to keep an umbrella with him. It may sound weird to many, but it offers a unique and gentle look that suits everyone’s styling character.

Wear Sports and Waterproof Watch

A gentleman or a true fashion follower never steps out without a watch in his hand. Add it to your monsoon fashion statement to look good and classy when you are out.

All these things don’t require a big investment. Keep your wardrobe ready to welcome this monsoon with your fashion hotshots.

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