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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ keep a few aces up their sleeve. We have brought them out so you know all the details of this mobile.

Samsung's largest and most powerful mobile has already passed through our hands. And, in addition to touching it, testing it and testing it in our review, we have also discovered some of the most interesting functions and features. Some of them are not all insight they should. So if you want to be an expert user in the handling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ do not hesitate to review these 10 tricks. Be careful because some of them are exclusive to Note 10+ because they have a ToF camera that the base model of the Note 10 family does not have.


There are times when we cannot use our hands to use the mobile. More so mobile as large as the Note 10 or Note 10+. But we want to capture what appears on the screen quickly. Well, Samsung has included by default a way to make a screenshot with your fist or with the palm of your hand. And it comes active as standard.

Quick screen capture

Simply swipe the base of the hand (open or closed) from left to right across the screen quickly. It seems an abrupt gesture but you will see how the mobile screen detects the gesture and, at the moment, takes the picture of what is seen on the screen. Remember that this function must be active in the Settings menu, within the Movements and gestures section in the Advanced Functions section.


In Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh, they have been happy to plant the camera for selfies right in the middle of the top of the screen. Also, with the size of this hole, it is difficult to hide it with a black strip from side to side of the panel. And it would be too thick to be a notification bar, and the charm of the infinite screen would be lost. But there is another resource you can use.

Conceal camera for selfies

You just have to enter this link from the Galaxy Store. Here you will find an interesting selection of wallpapers for both the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10+. In these designs, there is a point in common, or rather a hole. All of them are raised with a black dot in the upper half of the drawing, although it is not at all striking since it integrates perfectly with the background. They are free so you can download and apply them whenever and however you want. You will see how this camera ends up going unnoticed on your new mobile.


The S Pen has become a magic bar for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. And now it can be a remote control to control your mobile. Of course, only through Samsung applications that are compatible with these movements. In this way, tools such as the camera, the gallery, the Internet browser, the voice recorder or even Snapchat can be navigated with gestures.

S Pen as a remote control

To do this you just have to enter one of these applications, extract the S Pen from the body of the Galaxy Note and do one of the following gestures:

With these gestures, you can control aspects such as volume and music playback, zoom and shoot on photos, navigate between images in the gallery, etc. You just have to remember which applications are compatible, although an icon will tell you if you are gesturing in applications that do not allow them.


But this magic wand from Samsung can also do other things remotely. Specifically, open your favourite application. A very interesting function if this application is related to the S Pen. In this way, beyond the tools that appear on the screen when you remove the pencil, you can launch a game or application of your choice by holding the S Pen button pressed for a couple of seconds.

Start application with S Pen

To do this you just have to apply or play this link. Go to Settings and then enter the Advanced Functions menu. The next step is to get into the special menu of the S Pen. Here you will have to enter Remote Actions and choose the application when you keep the pen button pressed and ready.

Disactivity BIXBY

Although Samsung's Bixby assistant already speaks Bangla, you may not be interested in invoking it every time you turn off or restart your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+. By default, the assistant is activated by pressing and holding the mobile on/off button for several seconds. Something that breaks with the usual operating scheme of any terminal. Well, you can disable it and leave the button free to access the shutdown menu as a lifetime.


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