Top 3 Picks of Mysterious Galaxy Phone Cases for Astrophiles

Mysterious Galaxy Phone Cases are hitting on the shelves. Visit us at to find cases with out of this world style and quality!

Mysterious Galaxy Phone Cases are hitting on the shelves. Visit us at to find cases with out of this world style and quality!

 are used to describe people who are naturally fond of astronomy – of stars, galaxies, planets, and constellations. You might be an astrophile or not, but it’s true enough that the sky is filled with mysterious and exciting things that would really make one fall in love with it.

Many people can attest to how these wonderful creations are giving them a warm feeling just by looking at it. Stargazing is said to be an excellent therapy for people who are weary or just having a bad day. But, sadly, there are really times we find it difficult to get hold of these sights.

Thus, Hanogram intends to literally bring the stars and galaxies at your hands with the creation of the Mysterious Galaxy phone cases series. Behold, as these covers can put your iPhones to a NEW and intergalactic level, you can never imagine. Rest assured that while Hanogram is much focused on providing you the best aesthetic features, they are all incredibly protective, making them an excellent case choice.

Our Top 3 Picks of Mysterious Galaxy Phone Cases

1. Galaxy Constellation Glass Case

galaxy constellation glass case galaxy constellation









Galaxy Constellation Glass Case is not the typical galaxy-themed phone covers. One great feature that this design has is that you can pick which imprints the constellation for your zodiac sign. Amazing, right? You could not ask for more since its protective value truly stands out from the rest! Also, Hanogram is keeping up with the trend of slim phone covers that still work just right. With crystal and limpid tempered glass as its primary material, the beauty of your very own galaxy would always look attractive and attention-grabbing. Galaxy Constellation Phone Cases are part of Hanogram’s new case collection, so you are sure your phone will not be left behind.

2. Phases of the moon Glass Case

phases of the moon

If you find solace looking at the moon, you will surely love this Hanogram’s Phases of the Moon Glass Case! Its design is perfect for people who appreciate aesthetic and minimalistic case features. Moreover, it is 10ft drop-tested so you can assure that it is really a tough phone case. It can also support wireless charging with its generous cut-offs. Worry no more for marks and fingerprints if you accidentally slipped your phone because Hanogram resolves such problems with an oleophobic coating! Apparently, its black and white theme is absolutely versatile to complement any outfit.

3. Funnt Uranus Glass Case

funnt uranus

Other than the Earth, Uranus can be added to your favorite planets once you get a hold of this Funnt Uranus Glass Case of Hanogram. This planet design is too cute to handle! It is very light and flexible, which makes it very easy to use. Moreso, it’s fantastic grip can also withhold extra shocks. Given the fact that it was handcrafted, its print is truly high-quality, giving you phone case an edge. You won’t regret purchasing it as it can offer a 360 full protection to your mobile gadgets.

Indeed, Mysterious Galaxy Phone Cases are hitting on the shelves. More than enough, Hanogram’s goal of customization, having names written along with excellent designs are bringing more happy and satisfied customers. Brag your phone case to your friends and suggest them one, too. You and your friends could have matching cases and be exceptional. Customized phone cases could be a perfect gift as well. If you are still in search of a phone cover, make sure to visit – where you can find cases with out of this world style and quality!

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