Save Money on Groceries

5 Unique Ways Save Money on Groceries

Online shopping is really comforting but it is important to know a few hacks for saving money. Shop from Goodie Grocer and get exclusive offers to save money.

Grocery shopping is a tough task. No matter if you are a liberal or thrifty shopper, it would still put a dent on your salary. But what can you do about it? groceries are essential for survival and not a luxury which you can ignore.

The best way to tackle this situation is “smart shopping”. There is a high chance that you are spending more money than you probably should and it is not easy to cut down your list into half. So, we are here with some tips and tricks that would prove to be helpful is big savings.

  1. Shop Online

Problem: When we go to a grocery store for shopping, we see so many attractive products that it is really hard to stop at just 1 thing. We want to buy the whole shop! This leads to unnecessary shopping and over-spending. By chance if you see a candy shop, that’s it. The money goes down the drain.

Solution: Buy groceries online in Canada. Although there might be an extra delivery charge, it is still less than what you would have spent in an actual shop. Online Indian grocery store like Goodie Grocer provides free delivery! There goes your problem of paying added charges. Another benefit of buying groceries online is that you may come across some amazing discount coupons and offers that you won’t be able to get in the stores.

  1. Take the first step in your pantry

Problem: One of the top reasons for high grocery bill is food wastage. Food wastage has many forms in a household. Sometimes you forget frozen cuts in the fridge and sometimes you simply have leftovers which no one would eat. When you do not seal the food properly in a bag, it can easily get spoiled and lead to more wastage.

Solution: Before heading out on your grocery shopping spree, take a spree to the kitchen. See what you already have in the fridge and has to be eaten before it gets spoiled. There might be a whole lot of food that you can still use and not bring home more. If you are bad at looking everything at the last moment in your fridge, create a spreadsheet and maintain a list.

  1. Create a plan

Problem: Every great strategy starts with proper planning. If there is lack of it, chances are that the result would not be up to the mark. When you are going out for grocery shopping and there is no planning, chances are that you would end up buying a lot more than you went for. This results in an overspend which was not required at the first place.

Solution: When you indulge in meal planning, it results in use of everything that is available in the kitchen and restricts your purchase at the next grocery run. The right way of planning is to keep everything realistic. If you are cooking every day, start planning a week in advance and keep a check on the pantry so that you do not end up buying ingredients that were not required at the first place. This way your money would be easily saved up!

  1. Prepare a list

Problem: When you go to a grocery website and start adding groceries without any list, chances are that you will add so much more which you did not need. There are a lot of times when buyers end up buying groceries which were already available in their refrigerator. This not only leads to wastage of money but food as well (especially in the case of perishable items). Impulse purchase is not just a term, it is an actual problem.

Solution: Whenever you are taking out your phone and sitting for a grocery shopping session, make sure your list is prepared. That way you are not likely to forget what all you actually need and what all you don’t. The wise way is to buy only what is specified in the list and nothing more than that. On days when you want to indulge in impulse shopping, create a fixed budget for the same and spend within that particular amount only.

  1. Stick to single grocery website

Problem: When we browse through multiple online grocery websites, we get confused. This confusion leads to so much frustration that we dump everything and choose not to shop.

Solution: Stick to the best online Indian grocery store. It would eliminate all the confusion and give you the best prices as well as offers. If you always shop from a single website, it notices and keeps you in mind for loyalty offers in the future.

Goodie Grocer is a great choice to buy groceries online in Canada. Its free and quick delivery service keeps you happy and helps you save money.


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