Custom Design Long Sleeve Shirts

2 Ways to Get a Custom Design Long Sleeve Shirts

Custom design long sleeve t-shirts are in trend for the past few years. There were times when t-shirts were known as the most comfortable wear. That it is today as well, but the market using t-shirts for their benefits. Custom design long sleeve shirts have become a source of marketing for many companies.

Brands these days customize long sleeve t-shirts with funny designs. These funny customizations attract a large number of audiences, and this is how brand promotion is done. People then start recognizing the brand that offers funny Custom Design Long Sleeve Shirts. Here the job of brand promotion is done.

Do you too want to add custom design long sleeve shirts to your wardrobe? There can be many reasons to get customized t-shirts like to show your affection to your pet, to get together, company presentation, and much more.

There are two ways in which you can get a custom design long sleeve shirts.

Create a Custom Design Long Sleeve Shirts Yourself


This way is time-consuming but gives you satisfactory results.

  • Why do You Need a T-shirt?

To customize a t-shirt, you must be clear about why you need this custom design long sleeve shirt. When you have the purpose of getting this t-shirt, then only you can customize it accordingly.

  • Set a Budget, Quantity, and Timeline

When you have to buy custom design long sleeve shirts in bulk, you must have a definite budget. Accordingly, you’ll be clear about how many shirts you are expecting in how much time.

  • Select a Type of t-Shirt

There are different types and categories of t-shirts. Select a t-shirt based on the length of sleeves and neck type.

  • Choose Good Fabric

Not all fabrics are suitable for making t-shirts. You’ll have to be specific about the type of Fabric you want to use in your t-shirt. Most people prefer cotton for t-shirts.

  • Take Care of Size

Size is an essential thing to take care of in t-shirts. If you want a specific size, you can instruct them. Or you can go with the standard size.

  • Look at the Color Scheme

Your custom design long-sleeve shirts can be plain white or give attention to color scheme. You can contrast the color of the t-shirt with custom designs.

  • Where to Place the Design

Analyze your t-shirt carefully, then only come up with a decision of where to place the design.

  • Typography

Give proper attention to typography. Instruct the other person about how to place the text.

  • Talk to Designer

When you have everything ready to go to a designer, ask if they will need anything else. If not, ask them only to prepare the design.

Sometimes designers provide you with design as well as with printed t-shirt.

If the designer refuses to get your t-shirt printed, you can go to a printer and get your job done.

Shop Custom Design Long Sleeve Shirts Online


Instead of investing much of your time into finding and doing everything yourself, you can shop a t-shirt online. Above all, pet lovers can find one online easily. It is not easy for pet lovers to get their pet’s photos to customize themselves.



These are the two ways in which today everyone can have custom design long sleeve shirts. If you are looking for an online site to buy custom design long sleeve shirts for your pet lover, friend, visit I Love My Pet People now!

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