10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Turning 30

Turning 30 is an exciting milestone in life. Some like it, while others think that old age is fast catching up with them. Either way, one needs to mark this significant birthday in style. You only turn 30 once in your lifetime; therefore, do something fun and exciting that will make it count. The problem is, at 30, you have probably exhausted every fun activity in your life. You need to explore other fun ways, and this article has ten ways to help you with that. You can decide to celebrate your birthday alone or with your family and friends. Whatever you decide to do, these 30th birthday ideas will make it memorable.


We have ideas for the bourbon who wants to have a simple 30 birthday party and ideas for the wild one who wants a party like a rockstar. Remember, you are now more mature and old enough to make your own decisions. Don’t let anyone dictate how you are going to mark your 30th birthday. With no further ado, let’s get to 10 most fun 30th birthday ideas to help you kick start another chapter in your life.


Have a Round with Close Friends 







If you have close friends or working mates, it’s a good 30th birthday idea to invite them over for a few rounds to celebrate this great age. If your colleague is turning 30, as close friends, you can offer to take him to a bar and drink the night away. Turning thirty means you have to rethink the direction you want to take in life. But that is after you have had fun with your friends

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