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Celebrate St Patrick’s Day With Emerald and Gold Jewelry

Want to look lavish this St Patrick’s Day? Read up on the following article to know what jewelry style, design, and colors are appropriate for this fun celebration of luck and love.

When it comes to dressing and accessorizing for festivals, St Patrick’s Day is quite straightforward. All you have to do is inject the color green into your ensemble. However, just because it is simple doesn't mean it has to be thoughtless. At the same time, you shouldn't look like a shamrock either by putting on too much green. There is a balance that needs to be had, and why not look glamorous by wearing the correct jewelry instead of donning a tacky green enamel pin? 

What you need is a little bit of Irish luck and our well-thought-out pointers to look lavish while you sip a glass of Guinness during a fun parade or a party. There are several easy ways to look elegant and lovely with the correct amount of gold and green to your looks. So, let's go into why certain colors and motifs are significant on St Patty's Day, as well as how to style them.

Why Wear Something Green on St Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick's Day began as a Catholic Holy Day celebrating Saint Patrick. Previously people associated him with the color blue. However, today it's about celebrating Irish culture, hence the association with green. There has always been a strong connection between the country and the color green. This is because of the famous iconography of Ireland, the shamrock, a three-leaf clover, and the lush green scenery. Furthermore, the green color is also associated with the "Irish luck," which is said to bring money, prosperity, and good fortune in general. Fun fact! People also believe that not wearing something green makes you susceptible to getting pinched by a leprechaun. 

Accessorizing With the Color Green

The perfect way to incorporate the green color in your get-up is to wear emerald jewelry. People refer to the country as the "Emerald Isle." So, aside from its brilliant green hue, the gemstone also has this unique connection to Ireland. The people there also believe that emerald bestows good luck to those who wear jewelry made of it. 

So we suggest wearing an emerald spiral ring paired with a set of emerald stud earrings. Both of them together will provide the perfect pop of green especially when worn with a non-green outfit. It's a very basic look with a slight contemporary touch that will give you an all-around glamorous green minimalistic glow. On the other hand, if the green of the emerald isn't enough for you then you can go with an outfit that has a different shade of green. Like, say olive green. And then match it up with the emerald spiral ring and the earrings. Due to the difference in shade, the whole look won't appear tasteless.

Why Is the Color Gold Also Associated With St Patrick’s Day?

Legend says Leprechaun's pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is full of gold coins. So people flaunt the color gold, mainly by wearing gold jewelry to evoke that fantastical image. And let's be honest, gold plays really well with anything green, be it a dress or an accessory.

Accessorizing With the Color Gold

If you are donning green-colored outfits, be it a quirky green t-shirt or a green sequin skirt the best way to accent it and celebrate another color of St Patty's Day is to wear gold jewelry. It can be anything, from a solid gold ear cuff to a gold cursive name necklace. You can even add a bit more green by wearing that emerald spiral ring but get the one that features a gold band. With all the eye-catchy green color and the flashy gold, a St Patty's Day ensemble can become quite gaudy. So it is better to wear only a couple of pieces of jewelry. Like, only the emerald spiral ring with the solid gold ear cuff. Trust us! It will be far less chaotic.

Why Are Particular Motifs Significant to St. Patrick’s Day?

Clover - We have already explained a little bit about why the clover motif is important to this celebratory day. Further adding to that the shamrock, or as the Celts called it “seamroy” is a sacred plant that symbolizes spring's rebirth. Saint Patrick himself used it to explain the holy trinity of Christianity. So a cute green clover stud earring is the perfect minimalistic jewelry you can use for the day.

Accessorizing With the Clover Motif

It's such a unique and interesting motif that it looks good as any form of jewelry. Be it a Clover emerald stud earring, a clover pendant, or even an intricately designed clover brooch. Any kind of adornment with the clover pattern will work wonders for this festive look.

Spiral - The spiral symbol isn't as popular as the clover symbol during this festival. However, it also has deep-rooted meaning in Irish culture. And many flaunt spiral-themed jewelry while dressing up for the day. The spiral is thought to be a significant spiritual symbol in Irish culture, dating back to ancient times. They thought that everything happened in threes. The saying, 'the 3rd times the charm,' also comes from them. The symbol is also supposed to create a protective barrier that keeps any evil or malevolent energy away. So basically it's the perfect way to keep all the tiny green hat-wearing male fairy away.



Accessorizing With the Spiral Motif

If you are guessing that we will bring up the emerald spiral ring then you are absolutely right. Can you blame us? It is the perfect piece of jewelry for this day. It has a spiral motif, it has sparkly emeralds and it also provides a luscious gleam of its golden band. You can wear it with any outfit and we suggest pairing it with a spiral pendant. preferably studded with emeralds to complete the whole look and highlight the enticing motif more.

You can make your St Patty look either minimalistic or statement-worthy with the help of our above-mentioned bits of advice. But whichever look you decide to go with, just remember to have fun and don't forget to add your own personal style to it

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