micro tape hair extensions

Micro tape hair extensions are the best semi-permanent solution

Hair extensions are a great way to beautify your hair. Use micro tape hair extensions or mini tape in hair extensions for a quick hair makeover and hair protection.

Hair extensions can easily change the way you feel about your hair. The instant shine, volume, length, and thickness make them a quick and reliable fix for an instant makeover. You might want to install the hair extensions for an important event or see it as a temporary fix for desirable hair. No matter what the need is, one can rely on hair extensions. Finding and purchasing a suitable one can be difficult. When you search for the hair extensions that you like, remember to look for natural-looking hair extensions created with high-quality Remy human hair. These available options can be categorized into three main categories, namely, 


Temporary methods include clips in methods that can quickly be taken out each day or each week. The online store has enough options to choose from the color, size, and pieces of wefts and weaves for your purchase. 


The semi-permanent methods include using micro tape hair extensions and mini tape in hair extensions, also known as invisible tape extensions. These extensions can be worn for six to eight weeks. Also, the tape-in extensions are undetectable and make the extension seem to blend seamlessly.


The permanent extensions are worn for many months. These extensions include micro rings or micro bonds. They are reusable and can be worn multiple times. Those who have thin hair and need additional hair for extra length, volume, or both. 

Here are some pros and cons of different types of hair extensions that fall in the mentioned categories. 

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are best if you want to wear them on a daily basis. You don’t need to approach a professional for installation as no tools or tapes are required. They are easy to apply and thus are beginner-friendly. Although, it is difficult to use on shorter hair, and it may also weigh a bit heavy. 

Tape-in hair extensions 

Micro tape hair extensions and mini tape in hair extensions are the common ones. They are a quick fix for long hair because they are comfortable and fast to apply; you need no tool to install them; they are best for thin hair. They lay flat on their head. However, excess wash or sweating after a day or two of application can tear down the adhesive bond. 

Sew-In Hair Extensions

The sew-in hair extensions protect the natural hair from external manipulations and environmental population. They are easy to remove. Maintaining them doesn’t require much effort. You may find the extensions to be uncomfortable for some time as they become entangled. Also, you need expert help for installing them.  

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