5 ways to make the house energy efficient

Energy efficiency not only impacts the utility bill but also can boost the value of the house. Home Construction Contractors can devise techniques to achieve these goals.

Sprawling power bills and concern over global warming, it creates a perfect sense to build a new house or refurbish our existing home in a way that would substantially reduce energy usage. Rapid advancements in alternative energy sources, environment-friendly design and technology also ensure the energy-saving is much easier than it seems. From insulation and lighting of the house to the usage of various smart equipment and devices, there are several ways to make our home more energy-efficient. Top home builders in Houston as Marwood construction can help the homeowners to strategize the application energy-saving reforms that are feasible, friendly on one's pocket. Most of the approaches are one time investments with efficient results that would yield results in the long run. As natural resources start to dwindle, it is important to maintain the ecological footprints and selecting ways to create a positive difference in whatever way we can. Read on this article to learn more about energy-saving recommendations by experienced and licensed Home Construction Contractors like Marwood Construction to boost home energy efficiency and make the world a better place while saving power bills.

Seal the windows:

According to constructors in luxury custom home building Houston windows can cause air flow leak from the home. This scenario can pressurize the cooling or heating system to be less effective and need more energy for noticeable results. Including double glazing or shrink film to the windows can impact the heat transmission without compromising the amount of natural light. 

Usage of power-saving fittings and light fixtures: 

Many nations have created rules and regulations for homeowners to replace the present light fittings with power-saving fixtures and bulbs. Some countries even gave out power-saving fixtures to spread the word. As per the recommendations of Top home builders in Houston like Marwood Construction to transform a home into an energy-saving one, the homeowners should replace incandescent bulbs with LED lights because of they are durable and last 8 to 10 times longer. One can even use the combination of both to make the house more energy-efficient.

Insulation of the house:

This method is relatively effective and can easily be achieved with the help of reputable  Home Construction Contractors like Marwood Construction. The contractors would install extra insulations to the attic,walls and windows to preserve cold or warm air inside the house by leaks in the walls and filling air drafts. However, it is always advisable the insulation process must be carried out by professionals only as it requires a lot of specialized knowledge to supplement the walls.

Installation of solar panels: 

Installation of solar panels can be expensive in the initial stages, however, it offers longevity and durability over time. It is one of the best ways to make our home energy efficient  by utilizing natural light to create energy. Renowned luxury custom home building Houston solution providers Marwood construction would install the solar panels without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the house.

Usage of low flow toilets and showerheads:

Low flow bathroom fittings offer less water consumption than the older models, which help the homeowners to keep the water bill down. According to a survey it could offer water savings up to fifty percent.  Home Construction Contractors like Marwood Construction would help you to install low flow showerheads to reduce water consumption.


The greatest way to make the home energy efficient, is to learn about the way it utilizes power. Transforming the home energy efficient does not imply replacing every element in it with expensive ones, rather it is crucial to find out basics to make simple modifications of the existing systems. Licensed  Home Construction Contractors like Marwood Construction would evaluate and then provide the homeowners about personalized feedback.

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