Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

5 Ways To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

For how long have you been blogging and how successful is your blog? If you want to make your blog go viral, then the answer is up to you. I’ve came across blogs that were launched and became successful in just a few month and I’ve also came across blogs that took years before becoming successful and going viral. It’s not the fault of your blog theme, your domain name or your SEO, it’s all your fault. Going viral is all about determination and passion.

I’m about to share those strategies here with you with more details, tighten your seat belt let’s go on board.

We all know the national anthem of making a blog go viral and I’ll be sharing them with you before i share my personal strategies.

  • Guest posting
  • Commenting on other blogs
  • Social media
  • Social bookmarking
  • Forums
  • PDF directories
  • Article directories…….etc.

These methods work great but most bloggers find it too difficult to implement, especially guest posting and Article directories but I’ll advice you not to skip these steps mentioned above. These are my personal strategies of making a blog go viral. I couldn’t do without the points mentioned above, I had to implement them before using this strategy so if you haven’t, please try to implement them.

5 Advance Tips to Make your Blog Go Viral

1. Quality Contents

Quality content is the key to these steps that I’m about to mention below, without quality content then it’ll be a waste of time, you wouldn’t want to let your readers and visitors down so take your time to create quality contents and if you are out of contents, there are many ways to brainstorm for contents.
 Check out my post on significance of Quality Content

2. Create connections with your visitors

You can convert your visitors into regular readers by following these two little steps below

  • Reply to Comments

Replying to comment has been my hobby right from when I started blogging. In case you haven’t noticed, I replied to every single bit of comment on my blog. Even if it’s just “you’re welcome”, you should at least show you’re visitors and readers that you’ll always be there for them. This will make them come back to your blog, who knows the result if they share your content to their massive followers. YOU’LL GO VIRAL

  • Visit the Blog of your Commenters

Visiting the blog of those that posted a comment on your blog is another way of saying thank you and at the same time grabbing their attention, I’m sure they would have recognized your gravatar and name. This is one of my favorite strategy in generating traffic commenting on blogs. I do visit the blogs of my commenters (if they are in my niche) and at times I also find some helpful tips I don’t know that will help my blog. Your comment will stand out because that blogger will surely recognize you either through your gravater or your name. It’s just like a tit for tat. You are not the only one involved in making your blog go viral but your readers are playing their role too, either by sharing your contents or linking to you so you have to try as hard as possible to win your visitors heart and convert them into readers.

3. Email Bloggers

If you publish a blog post and your content is something that concerns other bloggers. You can inform them about it by visiting their blog and sending them an email through their contact form or through social media like twitter. If they find your article helpful they’ll definitely share it to their readers. I used this strategy when my blog was just two weeks old. I wrote a blog post on “successful bloggers and what they have to offer”, after that I mailed those bloggers both through their contact form and twitter. Majority of them replied my mail and shared my content to their readers and now the blog post is one of my post with the highest page view. I got new readers and made connections with bloggers too, it rocks.

4. Host contest

Contest is an unimaginable and unlimited way of multiplying and your traffic and splashing your blog round the blogosphere. We all know how it works, you’ll get more likes, followers and blog will be shared by the contestants. Offer an appealing prize for whosoever wins the contest and the more they try to get the prize, the more they promote your blog.

5. Refer to your Visitors

If your visitors said something that you love or added a point to your blog in the comment section, you can refer to them in one of your post, this will make them feel special. I’ve tried this on my blog and it worked. The last time I tried, that person was actually the first to post a comment and thank me for mentioning him. Implement it on your blog too, you don’t know who is actually going to mention you or link to you.

  • Guest posting

I know I mentioned it above but I had to drop it here again because it’s the best of all. If you are a lazy blogger(like me) then you can submit 1 guest post in a week but if you’re the hardworking type then you can submit 2 guest post in a week. When I did my first guest post on comluv the result was so great that I can’t do without guest blogging which made me submitted another guest post on blogging ideas. This has really taken my blog higher and I’ll advice you to be serious with guest blogging. It really helped my blog and I’m going viral with this. Are you ready to guest post? You can come on board with me LETS GO VIRAL.

These are my invented strategies and you won’t see this elsewhere, they might be small but they have a viral effect. Do not underestimate it.
 Do you have any secret strategy that you use on your blog, do share it with us and what do you also think about this advance tips?

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