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Dhakacolo Or PlanetHoster 2020 Assessment: Which Net Host To Pick?

To be sure, this administration contributes, in huge part, to the making of engagement on the web nearness. Thus the need to pick a genuine and solid vendor. To this quit, this content is intended for people that do never again perceive which host to choose among Dhakacolo and PlanetHoster.

Dhakacolo or PlanetHoster

Dhakacolo or PlanetHoster, which internet host to select? This question comes up pretty frequently on boards and specialized websites these days. This is perfectly normal in view that we're handling the two great web hosting companies on the market. It is consequently no longer easy to make a desire. To help you, we can found in this text a contrast so that it will spotlight the strengths and weaknesses of these operators.

Who is this assessment for?

The advantage of web hosting isn't always restrained handiest to the garage of a website and its facts.

Indeed, this service contributes, in large component, to the creation of an appealing online presence. Hence the need to pick a serious and reliable dealer. To this quit, this text is meant for folks that do no longer recognize which host to pick out between Dhakacolo and PlanetHoster.

Since its creation in 2004, the first (Dhakacolo) has the handiest one intention: to permit tens of millions of human beings around the arena to unharness the capability of the net and give them the strength to create and to grow.

The second turned into created in 2007 and is predicated on the efficiency and security of its technical support to develop a true dating of belief with its customers.

Which host to pick out between Dhakacolo and PlanetHoster?

It is not easy to choose between those operators. To help you, we tested the carrier supplied through each of them, then we in comparison one towards the opposite. The consequences obtained are supplied right here.

The pricing grid

We start this Dhakacolo or PlanetHoster comparison with pricing. For every operator, we've got chosen the maximum reasonable subscription, which is the three-year subscription. We will now continue to the analysis of the proposed gives and their prices.

Offers and their fees

Dhakacolo offers numerous formulation: Pooled, VPS, WordPress, E-Commerce, cloud, CMS… Each of them includes 3 to 6 offers to permit all people to locate the plan that best fits their needs.

Shared website hosting is out there from € zero.80 / month (i.E. € 38.Forty for the 48 months). With 7.45 € / month, you may subscribe to the Cloud solution and acquire a devoted server.

Find the pricing of Dhakacolo >

The pricing of the second one dealer isn't always as numerous. For its element, it offers applications: shared hosting "The World" and the HybridCloud components.

PlanetHoster shared web hosting

The shared package deal costs € one hundred eighty incl. Tax for three years, i.E. € 3.75 incl. Tax/month (or € 6.00 / month in case you are taking place a 1-12 month contract). The hybrid cloud system is billed from € forty-nine.99 incl. Tax / month .

It offers to get admission to a committed server and cloud offerings. Big plus: the 2 plans are completely customizable.

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The cash-returned assure

All formulation from the first issuer encompasses a 30-day cash-again guarantee. You, therefore, have plenty of time to test the pleasant of its web hosting carrier. What about the second provider? It also offers an assurance, however, it is best for 14 days.

In short, for the pricing grid, the first operator is certainly the maximum high-quality. We will preserve our Dhakacolo or PlanetHoster assessment in 2020 and speak the capabilities provided by the two providers.


To determine which host to choose between Dhakacolo and PlanetHoster, we can now see what every one of the competitors gives us in phrases of the garage area, e-mail address and quantity of sites that its miles feasible to host with an unmarried subscription.

Free area call

When you subscribe to web hosting masking 12 months or greater with the first provider, it permits you to sign on a website at no cost for the primary year.

This is valid for all plans, except for the provision to the Shared Hosting Unit. Apart from that, the operator also gives domain names from € zero.99 / yr.

The second issuer additionally gives a loose and “lifetime” domain name. This is one of the strengths of this supplier. On the other hand, it's miles possible to sign up or switch a website call with this operator from the handiest € 0. Ninety-eight TTC / month.

Disk area

Now choose the disk space offered via these two vendors as a part of our duel Dhakacolo vs PlanetHoster.

The disk area provided with the aid of the first provider depends on the web hosting formulation selected.

It varies from 10 to 30 GB for the shared plan and from 40 to one hundred sixty GB for cloud hosting. For its component, the second company offers an unlimited disk area for its shared web hosting. If you select the hybrid cloud solution, you may use up to 16TB of storage space.

Hosting cloud web hosting alternatives protected

Options supplied when buying cloud hosting from Dhakacolo

Email addresses

Apart from unmarried accommodation which handiest offers the right to a single electronic mail account, the alternative offers are observed by an infinite quantity of email addresses.

Still, at the primary issuer, you can get area-based electronic mail web hosting offerings. These will assist you to increase self-belief for your brands. You can subscribe to these offerings from € 0.59 / month.

We now come to the second provider. This permits you to get your customized email primarily based on your domain name. Also, it offers you the ability to create a vast quantity of email debts.

Number of websites

Regarding the variety of websites, the first issuer permits you to host as many as you need. But another time, hosting at the Unit best allows web hosting one site. Which is logical given that it's far supplied!

With the second one operator, every account is unlimited and advantages from a limitless number of websites. Each of them is positioned in an isolated environment and on distinct infrastructure.

As you could see, both operators provide quite a high-quality capability. It can not, therefore, be stated whether or not it's miles Dhakacolo or PlanetHoster the maximum tremendous. We will then push our tests similarly. And this glaringly goes through an in-intensity analysis of the performances presented.

See the capabilities offered through PlanetHoster>


So far, we can't, in reality, say if Dhakacolo or PlanetHoster gives the satisfactory web hosting provider. This is why we can now see what each of those operators has to offer us in terms of overall performance.

Dhakacolo performances

Loading pace and time

Cutting-part technologies, a resourceful architecture, and incorporated personalized stack, particular tweaks, an integrated cache manager, here are a few components that rank the primary provider the various carriers supplying the first-class connection. This offers nearly unlimited bandwidth and site visitors, permitting you to control an excessive variety of traffic.

It even has a platform optimized for WordPress, that can system three instances extra requests in keeping with 2d.

For its part, the second operator does not impose any regulations on visitors and bandwidth. Also, it has a top rate net community with very high speed (100 Gb / s +), which guarantees very large loading instances, however a bit in withdrawals as compared to the ones furnished by way of Dhakacolo.

Server balance

The subsequent factor in this contrast between Dhakacolo and PlanetHoster will spark off us to inform you about the stability of their infrastructures.

The hosting provided via the primary issuer operates on a cloud-based totally era with excessive-performance servers and SSD disks.

These state-of-the-art servers are geared up with the today's Intel Xeon processors, making sure remarkable speed and excessive stability. Also, cloud servers run on remoted virtual times.

Big plus: the dealer offers you with a committed crew that is answerable for the availability and monitoring of your servers.

PlanetHoster for its component is characterized using its LiteSpeed internet server, notably greater efficient than an Apache server. An internet site hosted on the latter is almost nine times faster than an internet site hosted on some other sort of net server.

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Data safety

The first dealer offers free SSL certificates with its Business hosting plan . This is also blanketed in all cloud website hosting plans.

With computerized backups, your files and databases are more secure and more healthy. Added to this is the double RAID protection which substantially reduces the hazard of statistics loss. You have the proper to a dedicated IP address.

The PlanetHoster World Platform also offers to get admission to devoted SSL certificates employing area.


Security deployed employing PlanetHoster on its accommodation

Also, Anti-DDoS and Anti-Malware protection guarantee the safety of your information. These are even stored every 12 hours in a 2nd fact middle to keep away from data loss. The level of security is even higher for the hybrid cloud answer.

Regarding performance, we need to admit that the two vendors have positioned the package deal. However, Dhakacolo overall gives higher performance with greater solid servers way to the cutting-edge Intel Xeon processors and an XXL network.

We will now pass on to every other component of this Dhakacolo or PlanetHoster comparison.

Click here to discover approximately Dhakacolo 's gives>

Ease of use

Ease of use is an important criterion to do not forget when you want to enroll in a web website hosting service. The dealer's web site should be welcoming, the records are clear and clean to get entry to.

Even a newbie should be capable of navigating it effortlessly. On this concern, you will locate these traits in these operators. This is one of the essential factors they have in common.

Thus, it's miles worth noting that the primary provider has an effective, intuitive and easy-to-use cPanel panel. This will assist you to successfully control and control your assets in addition to your servers with some clicks.

The 2nd operator additionally has a platform with simple, efficient, dynamic and secure interfaces: World Panel and cPanel.

In phrases of ease of use, it's miles clear that there may be no winner for the Dhakacolo vs PlanetHoster duel. It's an actual draw at this degree. So let's see what there is to mention about the best of customer support.

Customer support

Many do no longer take this criterion into account, yet it's miles one of the maximum essential. Indeed, the fine of an internet website hosting service always relies upon the responsiveness and availability of its customer service.

In this situation, the "  Knowledgebase  " of the primary provider is pretty whole and exceptionally properly prepared. It includes answers to regularly requested questions. Because of this, it will be clean so one can apprehend how to host a website.

The operator even gives tutorials which may be very useful for each novice and expert. Assistance is to be had 24 hours a day, 7 days every week.

Customer Support

She can be reached via email, price ticket and stay chat. However, it should be mentioned that each one of communication must be in English… which can be unacceptable for a few humans.

Regarding customer service for PlanetHoster, it seems that it's miles very on hand… and has the first-rate advantage of being available in French (the employer is based totally inside the French a part of Canada, Quebec).

It is to be had at any time, day or night time. Also, you can touch him by using electronic mail, stay chat or cellphone.

And the response time seems to be first-rate because every time we have been capable of getting solutions in no time. Especially through the phone! For this point, it's going to not be hard to mention which host to select between Dhakacolo and PlanetHoster.

Dhakacolo vs PlanetHoster: which free provider to select?

These two operators are most of the few vendors that provide unfastened website hosting. You nonetheless ought to admit that one is more fantastic than the other.

With the first provider issuer, the loose offer offers get admission to one thousand MB of disk space, limitless bandwidth, and an unfastened domain name. Also, your site may be hosted on a server going for walks on cloud generation.

Even extra: you may advantage from unfastened PHP hosting with MySQL databases, a completely loose FTP server and a smooth to use cPanel.

Free hosting

Also, a free website builder and a WordPress installer in 1-Click will be made to be had to you. What approximately PlanetHoster? As referred to earlier, it also gives one hundred% loose net web hosting.

This includes 750 Mb of disk area, 2 FTP debts, 2 MySQL databases, and a CMS installer. You will even be entitled to a loose area name followed via 2 sub-domains.

As you can see, the opposition is quite hard. However, for this component, it is the primary operator to win the Dhakacolo vs PlanetHoster duel.

Editorial verdict

Which host to select among Dhakacolo and PlanetHoster? You remember the fact that it is difficult to choose between those two operators.

However, our take a look at confirmed that the primary issuer offers greater high-quality pricing and barely higher overall performance. Also, it gives anybody a 30-day assure to decide the satisfaction in their internet web hosting carrier. Against 14 days at PlanetHoster.

In any case, and that irrespective of what your choice, be reassured because you'll no longer pass incorrect using selecting this sort of two names.

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