How Secure Is Online Digital Payment Modes In India

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With the onset of the digital era, where more customers are engaging in the digital payment modes in India through the Best bill pay app for Android and IOS. The government initiatives such as BharatNet, Regulatory Sandbox, Digital India, Make In India all and many more led to the penetration of the digital modes into the society. Recently, an article from economic times stated that India will experience $1 Trillion of digital transactions by 2025. One of the main reasons for this is are the high influx of smartphones into Indian society and the government regulations that are driving the digital ecosystem.

The intensity of the penetration of digital payments can be seen through the merchant adoption of digital payment modes. Even the roadside vendor, grocery store owner, and SMEs and corporate companies have all adopted the digital payment modes. One can find the small QR code boards outside the shops that surprisingly found its’ way to meet the customers irrespective of the financial and educational levels. The ease of payment by providing the infrastructure with lost service charges through the smartphones while making Big tv online recharge, the ubiquitous nature and ease of payments it promises are the reasons for the high customer acceptance for the digital onboarding.

But with the ease and availability of the digital payment infrastructures for Broadband bill online; security has been the main concern. With more than $ 1 Trillion transactions happening through digital modes has paved way for the luring cyber thefts to infiltrate through the security screens and rob money from the less aware customers who prefer online payments and security is an afterthought. Even peer-to-peer transactions and bill payments are much preferably done through mobile applications.

But fraudsters are disguising themselves as a useful application and start entering the customer phones to collect sensitive data that might pose a lot of problems while paying landline bill payment android. There was one such case where a person lost around 96,000 from his mobile payment service provider application while paying his electricity bill. There was some transaction failure and while raising the complaint against it, he accidentally clicked on a link from another website. And immediately he lost all his money from his account within a moment. This is not one or two cases but there are many such cases that have become way too normal.

So, with all of these problems ahead in the digital journey, one prominent question arises. How secure are the online digital payment modes? Are we equipped with the required infrastructures to fight against these cyber frauds? Hence the government has made many regulatory policies for cybersecurity. All the mobile bill payment services are supposed to adhere to the cyber-hygiene. Can we still pay bihar electricity bill payment online?

The Government, through the regulator RBI revealed that digital transactions are expected to meteorically increase. The affirmation is obtained from the statistics of the increase from 20.69 billion in 2018 December to a remarkable 87.07 billion by the same month in 2021. Thus the rapid growth has only led to the strong functional regulatory to strengthen the online payments through the central payments fraud information registry and other strong regulations. This will help in secure Airtel postpaid bill payment or any other payment.

Hence, right now, blockchain technology provides the best security as it is the underlying technologies for the crypto currencies like bitcoin. Hence XPay Life is India’s only blockchain technology-enabled multiutility bill payment service provider. Choose security over ease and make life simpler and more secure.

For those people, who most of the time stay at home, and also do not have much interest in the online services, television is the most favorite entertainment medium for them. Taking this interest of people into account, XPay.Life renders the service of DTH recharge through which the recharge can be done effortlessly in a jiffy.

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