An Insight to The Indian Landscape of Rapid Digitization

For those people, who most of the time stay at home, and also do not have much interest in the online services, television is the most favorite entertainment medium for them. Taking this interest of people into account, XPay.Life renders the service of DTH recharge through which the recharge can be done effortlessly in a jiffy.

The Mobile Bill payment Online has changed the technological pastures with the high-end, user-friendly and yet highly secure payment platform. The number of applications that are penetrating into the Indian economy is provided by the highly competing Fintech companies of India. Each application solving the concern faced by the customers and thus initiating the digital shift in the consumers. But prior to the digitization, the payment sector denoted by the long queues, the traveling time and the cash payment hazards. But with the high customer acceptance, the CAGR Compounded Annual Growth Rate of the digital payment sector is 12.7%.

This high growth rate is affirming in favor of the digital shift towards the digital payment platforms.

Factors That Urged the Digital Shift?

There is not one single factor to point as the digital catalyst, rather there are series of consecutive events, the innovations, the penetration of technologies and the government scenarios that led to the digital shift of India while Broadband postpaid bill payment apps android and ios is the new norm.


The demonetization was a government initiative to take the high-value denomination notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 from the circulation. This was implemented on 6th November 2016. It created waves of admiration and a humungous amount of critics from the financial experts from all over India. With cash-dependent, the country stripped off the cash circulation only insisted on the requirement of alternate technologies to facilitate financial transactions including the bill payment Sectors. This aided in the new technologies raising hood in the digital world.

The Infrastructure:

There are many endpoint payment infrastructures that urged in the digital shift. 

  1. Smartphones: Prior to a decade, the possession of a smartphone was for the wealthy and so were the luxuries that came with it. But in today's era, smartphones have become an important asset for making like easier and expensiveness has declined. Hence through the portable, ubiquitous feature of smartphones, the fintech companies choose the infrastructure to build mobile apps for DTH Recharge apps Android and IOS. These mobile apps are secure, follow a government regulatory that is required for the seamless payment in any sector.
  2. The Mobile Wallets, the QR codes, the NFC( Near Field Communication) and smart devices were all the Infrastructures that provide a common way to access the digital modes and be digitized for online landline bill payment
  3. The other infrastructures are Kiosks and Mobile Van. These are new innovations by XPay Life contributing to the country’s growth. A Kiosk is a state-of-art machine that facilitates bill payments to offline customers as well. it accepts cash as a bill payment mode and makes the transaction digital. Hence this any time payment kiosk is already deployed alongside the ICICI bank ATMs and hence insisting on the importance of the robust infrastructure. This is bridging the gap between the tech-savvy customers and the cash dependant customers even in the urban sectors.
  4. As for the rural sectors, the infrastructures are scarce and XPay Life is India’s only Fintech company innovating the mobile Van for facilitating the bill payment in the rural regions. The Mobile Vans consists of the ATP kiosk, Vending Machine, and mini-ATMs. These vans will visit the remote villages wherever there is high footfall. Hence facilitating last-mile bill collection. These are revolutionizing the bill payment sector and providing the infrastructure that is bridging the socio-economic gap between rural and urban India. Gas bill payment IOS and through the kiosk is possible by transitioning the rural people to the urban ladder of the digitization.

To pay water bill online, even merchant onboarding is paramount favoring the digitization process. It’s not far when the nearby khirana owner will facilitate bill payment through the XPay Life PoS machine. Hence be digitized.

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