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6 Common mistakes that you should avoid during NEET 2020 exam!

We don’t want all of these efforts of yours to go waste in the end. Hence, here we are providing a comprehensive list of most common mistakes that students appearing for NEET make during the exam duration

The examination date for NEET 2020 has been released! On 3rd of May, thousands of aspirants will be appearing for NEET with the goal to achieve best result in NEET. It is the ultimate chance for any NEET aspirant to become eligible for admission in one of the most renowned medical colleges around the nation.

NEET aspirants work really hard all year long to prepare for the final day. They seek guidance from top faculties of best medical coaching institute in Delhi and even search for the best study material for NEET.

We don’t want all of these efforts of yours to go waste in the end. Hence, here we are providing a comprehensive list of most common mistakes that students appearing for NEET make during the exam duration.

Not being attentive/careful when reading the questions - Mistake #1

Before giving answer to any question make sure that you have understood what the question is about. If you are being careless when answering the questions, then it can take you far away from achieving your dream. Go through the overall instructions given for the test and also take note if any specific instruction has been provided for solving a question. Don’t miss or avoid any detail on the question as it can be useful when deriving the answer. 

Take care of your speed - Mistake #2

NEET is famous for being one of the toughest entrance exams in India and definitely there is a reason for it. 
Every NEET aspirant knows this well in advance and this is the reason why they enroll to one of the best medical coaching institute in Delhi. They know how to train the candidates to overcome this critical point and make the best use of time during the exam. 

You get 180 questions which need to be solved in 180 minutes…this leaves you with almost no time to waste. To counter this strenuous time allotment you need to maintain your speed right from the start of the test.

Lack of time management - Mistake #3

Maintaining speed is definitely a priority point but you need to also concentrate on managing the time. Setting a time limit for each question increases your chances to cover the entire question paper in the given time limit. 

You can practice this approach well in advance by enrolling to some distance learning course for NEET. They provide you with test series and mock tests through which you can practice effective time management. 

Also, during the exam you should take care of finishing your test at least 10 minutes before the end time. This gives you a scope to re-check your answers and make any sort of necessary changes. 

Lack of accuracy - Mistake #4

What’s the use of speed if your answers are not accurate? To work on accuracy try to purchase best study material for NEET that is good at clearing the concepts and can provide comprehensive knowledge. 

Rest during the exam you should try your best to be accurate in each and every question, failing to do so can result into negative marking. 

Depending on guess work - Mistake #5

We are all a little dependent on guess work when attempting the test, but doing so in NEET is a big NO! NEET exam pattern has got negative marking, and marking answers based on your guesses can become a definite downfall. 

Miscellaneous calculation mistakes - Mistake #6

NEET exam pattern consist of questions from main three subjects- Physics, chemistry and biology. Biology and chemistry only require the clearing of concepts whereas physics contain problem solving in which calculations are required. It is possible that due to nervousness or lack of time you might make miscellaneous calculation mistakes, so try to avoid it all costs. 


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