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7 Advantages of Working in a Co-working Space

Hundreds of new ideas on how to improve employee productivity overwhelm business owners’ minds every day.

Today, thoughts on coworking spaces cross-business owners’ and managers’ minds alike because it provides a solution. What once was an unknown concept a few years ago has now transformed the way an employee interacts with the business world. Imagine a place without the stuffiness of a traditional office space but still more structured than your home office. Sounds perfect, right? 

Understanding the benefits that are linked with working in a co-working space is essential when it comes to strategizing for your business’s success. So go ahead and check out these useful advantages of co-working spaces. 


Creates a Balance Between Flexible and Professional Environments

Co-working spaces create a good balance between offering employees the flexibility they desire while maintaining a professional working environment. 

If your employees are craving for more flexible environments. Co-working spaces are definitely your go-to solution! These spaces are not like your traditional and uniform office cubicles. Here, you can make use of cozy air conditioned lounges and convenient standing desks. There are numerous places for you and your team to get your tasks done. 

Similarly, if your team seeks privacy, you can book a sleek, glass-walled private room or a fully-equipped conference room.


Increased Productivity

Co-working spaces increase your team’s productivity because it is designed for people to stay focused. Employees can’t help but enter “work mode” too. Being surrounded by other motivated professionals in the area can also give that extra boost. 

A study claimed that employees experience an increase in productivity when they’re using co-working spaces. This could be because of the increased feeling of control, reduced commuting, or feeling like they’re part of a focused community. It may also be because of having fewer pressures that one experiences in a traditional office environment.


Enhanced Collaboration

Coworking spaces expose your employees to so many opportunities including collaboration. Working in close proximity with others allows this to be possible. They are able to ask you questions and suggestions easily because you are all in one space. With this, co-working spaces enable you to save time and energy. 


Cost Efficiency 

You can cut your costs drastically if you work in co-working spaces. Because you can pay only for what you really need to pay. For instance, if you want to set up a new meeting and you only have 12 employees, renting a full office floor will be such a waste of space and money at the same time. But if you book a co-working space, you’ll only be paying for what you really need and still provide them with a proper workplace.

If you push through with renting a full office floor you’ll have to pay for the utilities and additional amenities that come with it. With a co-working space, utilities like water and electricity are included in the packages offered. 


Inclusive Amenities 

Additionally, access to amenities and technology is another perk. Instead of buying all the office amenities yourself, you can easily make use of the one present in the co-working space. These may include printers, fast wi-Fi connection, basic office supplies, free coffee, free tea, and so much more!


Explore Networking Opportunities

One of the most important advantages of co-working spaces is that it’s the perfect place to expand your business. Who knows? New and valuable partnerships, customers, and even new potential employees might just be sitting right beside you. You can easily skyrocket your business opportunities by working in a shared office.  

By working in these spaces, your employees may stumble upon the opportunity to learn new things from other acquaintances. May it be a future supplier or customer, building relationships with new networks can lead to so many opportunities. 


Increased Employee Well-Being

A survey conducted on professionals who worked in a co-working space revealed several surprising results you need to know. First, 68% of the team said they were able to concentrate better at their job. Second, 60% states that they can’t help but feel happier from working in such a space. And lastly, 74% of them claimed that their creativity skills drastically improved.  

There is no doubt that life is exhausting and while other business owners tend to forget, employees do feel defeated and downright tired too. They continue to fight on because they support your company’s goals and they believe that the rewards at the end of the tunnel are worth it. 

Surrounding employees in a high-quality co-working space may just be the perfect solution to support them. 


Key Takeaway

Using co-working spaces offer so much potential to you and your business. Without a doubt, it can unfold endless opportunities ranging from employees learning from fellow co-working acquaintances to future network relationships. 

Remember these points if you’re thinking of renting a co-working space! Doing so offers numerous practical perks, including inclusive amenities, reduced expenses, and most importantly, the potential of higher employee productivity. 

Co-working spaces are an efficient solution for business owners to accommodate employees and let their businesses thrive. Consider these thoughts on co-working spaces out and don’t miss out on all its advantages.


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