A Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

7 Essential Things to Know Before Getting A Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

Learn the essential facts about laser treatments for your acne scars.

You may have won the battle of acne but the bigger problem lies ahead of you now. The struggle to get rid of acne scars. Acne scars are stubborn skin problems that require a lot of care for taming them.

However, with several technological inventions, the cure to tame them has become more or less possible. One of the effective treatment being the Laser treatment that has garnered a lot of popularity over the years for acne scar treatment (Traitement de cicatrice d’acnée).

But before you run to a clinic for getting a laser treatment for acne scars you need to know certain factors. Read till the end to know the essential things about laser treatment.

  1. Your scars won’t get rid

Well, yeah technically speaking the laser treatment does not get rid of the scars. Instead, the treatment lightens the appearance of them.

Laser treatment is not a miracle cure that can make your acne scars vanish. But it can surely reduce its visibility. In fact, the treatment works so well that it almost feels like that scars don’t exist at all.

  1. Always opt for a professional consultation

The process of laser treatment is a critical procedure. Hence, it is highly recommended to go for an expert consultation rather than going for the treatment directly.

The proper guidance and suggestions made by the consultancy will help you find the aptest laser treatment for your acne scar. Acne scars vary from person to person and it is highly important to detect your scar for the suitable treatment choice.

  1. Results of the treatment really depend on the skills of the person treating you

It is a pivotal requirement that the person performing the laser treatment must be highly skilled in his or her profession. Otherwise, there are high chances of not getting the expected results out of it.

Plus, the outcome of the treatment also depends on your body’s capability to produce collagen and how sincerely you follow the post-treatment regime.

  1. Lifestyle change is essential

In order for the treatment to work on your acne scars, you must know that there are a few changes that you have to bring to your lifestyle. If not, then the laser treatment cannot be done on you or will not show the desired results.

Some of the common alterations that you must bring includes -

  • You got to stop smoking a few weeks before your set appointment date for the treatment.
  • If you are on medication or supplements then as per your dermatologist's guidance may have to stop them as well.
  • You got to cease the use of any skincare products that contain retinoids or glycolic acids at least 2 to 4 weeks prior to the treatment.
  • You have to avoid tanning.
  1. Limiting exposure to sunlight

If you have decided to go for a laser treatment then you must know that you got to limit yourself to the exposure of sunlight. This regime you have to maintain both pre and post-treatment phases.

This is highly recommended since exposure to sunlight can cause tanning. A tanned skin before the laser treatment can have discoloration outcomes.

  1. The results may take time to appear

If you have a conception that getting a laser treatment will instantly result in acne scar free face then you are absolutely wrong. The results of the treatment take at least a few weeks or even a month to appear.

It really depends upon the capability of your skin and the type of acne scar you have. Hence it is suggested to consult a dermatologist before the treatment.

  1. You might require multiple treatments

For maximum results, your dermatologist may suggest multiple treatment options. Don't get intimidated by it. As it is quite common to combine the laser treatment with other treatment options for achieving desired outcomes.

Make sure to go through the above-list before you decide to go for laser therapy for acne scar treatment (Traitement de cicatrice d’acnée). Check through the boxes and you are good to opt for this treatment.

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