7 Ways to Wish Marriage Anniversary to Your Partner on Social Media

7 Ways to Wish Marriage Anniversary to Your Partner on Social Media

Marriage remains a memorable occasion in anybody’s life. Here, let us know about 7 ways to extend marriage anniversary wishes to partners on social media.

Marriage Anniversary

Marriage remains a memorable occasion in anybody’s life. It is on that day that a person takes a life-partner for spending the rest of his or her life with and also sharing the joys and sorrows. 

The marriage anniversary thus remains the day to recollect the joyous occasion of marriage and wish the partner as a means of renewing the pledge taken during the marriage and expressing your love, affection, and gratitude to him or her. 

Greeting on Social Media 

In this technologically fast-advancing world, social media has become an integral part of our lives. There may not be many people in the world not using some social media platform or the other regularly. Social media has also become an effective channel to remember any important occasion, interact with or greet people, and share happiness with them. Marriage anniversary is no exception to this, and it has become a widely-followed practice to convey anniversary wishes on social media and make the partner loved and valued.    

Here, let us know about 7 ways to extend marriage anniversary wishes to partners on social media. 

Marriage Anniversary Wishes on Social Media

The simplest way to extend the marriage anniversary wishes to your life partner on social media can be placing the anniversary wish in WhatsApp Status as something like Happy Marriage Anniversary.     

Facebook can be termed perhaps as a revolutionary platform in social media. This highly popular social media tool provides innumerable ways to greet your partner on the memorable day of the marriage anniversary and make him or her feel special, wanted, and loved. For this, you need to go to your partner’s Facebook profile, write the message containing your feelings and emotions for your life-partner and post these wishes there.   

Videos can also be powerful means of expressing tender feelings and sentiments on special occasions like the marriage anniversary. These can give the feeling of greeting in person and be posted on all the social media platforms. So, you can make a video opening your heart out and appealing strongly to your partner’s emotions. In this video, you may speak on your love and affection for him or her and about the value that you attach to the companionship that your partner has provided to you over the years. You may also include some hints about the possible surprise gift you are planning to give to your partner therein to make it all the more appealing.  

Sending an E Greeting card over WhatsApp is another nice way of remembering the occasion and wishing your partner through social media. This can remain a unique gift to the husband or wife to express the intensity of your love and affection. This E-greeting card is also a video, and it can be personalized with names and pictures. You may get these E-greeting cards in online gifting portals.

Posting a picture in your profiles on all the social media platforms is also a good way of extending the marriage anniversary wishes to your partner. You may choose a good picture of both of you from your marriage album or from the ones taken before or after the marriage and digitalize it yourself or through a professional or studio. Now, you can post this picture in your profiles with romantic captions or messages. You may compose your own messages or go through the internet for catchy and appealing marriage anniversary greetings.

You may consider any of the following happy anniversary messages or edit any of these to suit your tastes or requirements. 

-    I feel happiest, luckiest, and most thankful when you are on my side, and I will cherish your presence for all the time to come, my dear soul mate! Happy Anniversary to you!
-    I thought my love for you remained the greatest on the momentous day I took you as my life partner. But my love only keeps growing, and I hold you dear to my heart, all the more today. Happy Anniversary Wishes to you, dear!    
-    Happy Marriage Anniversary to you, darling! As one who gave meaning to my life, I value your companionship immensely today, as on any other day
Instagram Story Feature is a revolutionary way of wishing your partner on the marriage anniversary. You can post pictures featuring both of you enjoying each other’s company and also upload a series of stories with interesting captions. Whatever you upload as the content of this feature will be available for 24 hours and will then disappear automatically.  

Twitter is a very popular social networking service where you can post your greetings, conveying your Anniversary wishes to your partner through brief and catchy messages. This Anniversary-Wish-tweet of yours can reach all your followers on Twitter, who may also extend their wishes to your partner, thus flooding this platform with anniversary wishes. What better gift can you give to your life partner on the marriage anniversary than this?    

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