8 Vaastu Tips for Going Abroad

Wish to go Abroad, then Adopt These 8 Ways of Vastu

Let us now see some of the Vaastu techniques that can be adopted by those who wish to go abroad.

Are you trying to go abroad but finding it hard? Going abroad is a cherished dream for many people, especially youngsters. But it is not so easy for everyone. One way to realize your desire to go abroad is Vaastu. Vaastu is the ancient science of Indian architecture. People have been using Vaastu for many centuries to live a happy and successful life. Vaastu-enabled buildings, be it homes or offices, attract positive energies, which have a beneficial effect on people’s lives. When building a structure, certain time-tested Vastu principles related to the elements and directions are followed by the builders to attract such positive energies. The people living in such spaces will be happy, successful, and more productive as a result.

Let us now see some of the Vaastu techniques that can be adopted by those who wish to go abroad.   

8 Vaastu Tips for Going Abroad

1. Foreign trips are associated with the Vayavya direction of the house. So, if a Vaastu Dosha is present in the Vayavya direction, then there will be obstacles to going abroad. If the Vayavya kone or corner of the house has contamination due to chopped, elevated, underground water tank, basement, boring, or closure from Agni or Naitratya kone, the person may not be able to go abroad, so it should be removed.

2. The chance of going abroad will increase if one sleeps in the Vayavya direction bedroom. If you are facing any hurdles in connection with your foreign travel, try sleeping for a few days in the Vayavya direction bedroom.

3. During the foreign trip, ensure that the luggage that you carry with you, like the bag containing clothes, and the briefcase containing your visa, passport, etc., are kept in the Vayavya direction of your room. This will improve the chances of leaving the house quickly.

4. If your desire to go abroad has to do with higher education or making money, then make sure that along with the Vayavya direction of the home, the north direction is also open and free from doshas. To get some quick relief, keep an aquarium of fish or a fountain in the north direction.

5. If you have plans to go abroad in order to pursue some major research or to get an award, or take up a post, then it is auspicious to open the east side. The doors and windows on the eastern side of your home should be kept open as much as possible. This will enable the positive energy to enter the house. To increase the east side’s auspiciousness, you can place a bronze sun in the east side of the drawing-room lobby or in your workplace.

6. If the purpose of the foreign journey is just for tourism and shopping, then it is essential to open the Agni kone as well as Vayavya. To be Vaastu Samvat, it is also a good idea to keep fire elements and wooden items in the Agni kone.

7. If any family member needs to go abroad for a long while, then it is auspicious to keep open the Vayavya, the North East, and Naitratya kone.

8. In case there is a serious Vaastu dosha in the north and east direction of the house, then no one in that house should take the risk of going abroad as it may entail a loss of time and money. It may also lead to some problems in life.

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