Vastu shastra Tips for House that Bring Peace, Prosperity and Happiness

Vastu Shastra is a deep-rooted practice of sticking to certain rules to maintain and develop building which can harness the positive energies that surround us.

Envision a delightful home without where people keep on quarrelling with each other, where there are unrest and lack of prosperity, where people remain unhappy and dissatisfied. No one needs to live in such a home loaded up with inconveniences and neither will you. It is therefore important to construct your house as per the Vastu Shastra for home rules. Let us first see what Vastu is really.

What is Vastu actually means?

Vastu Shastra is a deep-rooted practice of sticking to certain rules to maintain and develop building which can harness the positive energies that surround us. This age-old practice of Indian civilization is capable of delivering effective results and abodes made as per the Vastu guidelines are filled with prosperity and peace. Let us have a quick look at the 10 important Vastu tips for home.

Vastu actually helps in bringing positive energy into the house and eradicating negativity from the house. It directly affects the happiness prosperity health money and other factors in a house. Vastu is very essential to know and use but it's not possible to use each and everything that Vastu says. It is very difficult to apply everything but basic changes can also help a lot.

Home is the first and most important place where we spend most of our time, money and to make it a healthy environment inside it is very essential. My motive here is to make u all understand Vastu of house in a very simple way so that the one who doesn’t belong to this background also understands it correctly and properly.

Vastu for Kitchen

To boost the progression of energy into your home and to advance a feeling of prosperity in the house. According to Vastu for kitchen, the kitchen should ideally be located in the southeast corner of the home. It is additionally significant that you ought to look towards the east while preparing the food so the arrangement of the hardware ought to be set likewise.

The kitchen ought to one or the other be in North-West or in South-East direction. While setting the kitchen in South-East direction, ensure you face towards the East direction while cooking there. And if you are planning to settle kitchen in Vastu for north facing house direction then make sure to face towards West direction while cooking food.

Vastu for Bedroom

Normally, it is viewed as that the bedroom entryways ought to be open in excess of 85 degrees, to permit the greatest progression of positive energy into the bedroom. according to the Vastu for bedroom, the mirrors in the room ought not to face the bed as it will prompt an impression of stressing musings back onto you. The room ought to have open space and ought to be liberated from any messiness Mess polarizes negative vibes and a chaotic bedroom is a reason for the issue.

Vastu for Living room

The vastu for living room of the house ought to be liberated from any potential negative energy present there. The living room is where relatives go, yet it is likewise visited by numerous individuals of the visitors, so it raises a great deal of outside energy in the family and it should be controlled. When in doubt, face towards the north or east while visitors are in your living room, who ought to, thus, be situated looking towards the south or west.

The new house should be liberated from Vastu Dosha and Vastu Shastra can be utilized for different things, for example, Vastu for pooja room in flats, Vastu for apartments, etc.

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