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There are incredibly powerful energies that flow continuously in the cosmos and these cosmic energies have the potential of bringing phenomenal changes in the lives of people that they cast their effects upon.


But on what basis these cosmic energies cast their effects upon us?


Well, these energies affect us via the planetary placements as per our natal horoscope or kundli and secondly via the structure (house/flat/bungalow/shop/factory etc.) that we are associated with residentially or commercially.


The science that deals with the effect of cosmic energies upon us as per the architecture of the structure that we live or work in as well the direction of the structure and the directions of functionalities designed inside is known as ‘Vastu’.


The science of Vastu was revealed to humankind thousands of years ago by the Holy Sages of India and was stored in a sacred scripture called the ‘Vastu Shastra’.


It is always recommended to consult with a Vastu Expert before building, purchasing or moving into a property because post consulting with a Vastu Expert, if we build or select a property that is ‘Vastu Compliant’ then there will naturally be highly positive cosmic energies flowing inside that property and affect the lives of people that come in contact with that property in a very positive & profound way with respect to various domains of their lives such as health, education, marriage, career, relationships etc.


Now, marriage is arguably the most important aspect of one’s life. Hence, it is advised that one must consult with a Marriage Astrologer to know what the planets are holding up for the marital aspect of his/her life and what are the astrological remedies that can nullify or minimize the frictions that are signified by the ill placed planets of his/her horoscope and ensure a blissful marriage ahead.


However, it is equally important to go for a Vastu Consultancy for Marriage to ensure that the property in which you are living is Vastu Compliant and will thereby promote a harmonious, joyful, and blissful marriage in your life. 

It must be noted that if the very house that you live in is not Vastu Compliant or in other words has ‘Vastu Dosh’ then malefic cosmic energies will make their base inside your house and create hurdles and problems in leading a happy & successful married life.


Significance of Vastu       


The science of Vastu has been prevalent in the eastern part of the world especially in the Indian subcontinent, since times immemorial. This is due to the sheer efficacy of this science in bringing success, prosperity, sound health and good relationships in our lives by attracting highly positive cosmic energies into our residential or commercial properties.


Due to high demand of residential and commercial spaces in cities as well as an unfortunate disconnect with the sacred occult science of Vastu, there are more & more properties that are being constructed by ignoring the principles of Vastu. As a result, the people associated with such properties that have Vastu Dosh, experience constant troubles in their lives which could have been very well avoided had the property been constructed as per the science of Vastu.


Interestingly, the science of Vastu provides an opportunity to correct the Vastu related flaws or Vastu Dosh in a property by incorporating certain highly powerful Vastu based tips & remedies that does not require outright changes to the physical structure of the property.


These Vastu based remedies stop the flow of malefic energies inside the property and wards off the disturbance in the Five Primordial Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) stationed inside thereby, making the Five Primordial Elements function in a harmonious manner and thus establish a continuous flow of positive cosmic energies inside the property.


Make a Career as a Vastu Professional         


There is a huge demand of Vastu Professionals these days as due to space crunch and budget constraints while building or buying a property, it is becoming very difficult to construct the property 100% by the principles of Vastu.


So, the role of a Vastu Consultant in recommending Vastu based tips & remedies to make the property Vastu Compliant without making hard physical changes to the structure that are not possible, becomes extremely important.


Future Point brings to you Online Vastu Courses that are designed by highly experienced Vastu Professionals. The curriculum of these courses are formulated after putting in a lot of research with the primary aim of making a student completely understand the principles of Vastu and evaluate the right ‘Vastu based Architecture’ for a particular property. 


Another key objective of the Online Vastu Courses offered by Future Point is to empower a student to successfully chart out the best possible Vastu Remedies that have the potential of warding off Vastu Dosh from a property and making it Vastu Compliant so that positive cosmic energies start to flow inside the property and bring growth, success, joy & prosperity in the lives of the people residing or running a commercial venture from that particular property.


Therefore, make an absolutely rewarding & lucrative career as a Vastu Professional by learning Vastu from the Online Vastu Courses offered by highly experienced and talented instructors of Future Point who are not only an expert in the theoretical concepts of the science of Vastu but are real life practicing Vastu Professionals as well!  

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