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Complete Vastu shastra guidelines for home

Vastu Shastra is not new, yet making changes in an all around existing home, one which requires reinvestment of time and money on it. Relatively few of us realize that vastu isn't just about the construction of the house but also about the convergence of positive energy, and vibes of quietness and harmony.

What Is Vastu Shastra’s Important?

Vastu Shastra says that all things in the universe have a level of energy associated with it .every building or land has a vibration of energy associated with it. The universe is a set of positive and negative energy. Vastu aims to eliminating the negative energy and incresing the positive energy.

  • It Helps in Financial Prosperity.
  • Having Career Stability.
  • Academic Growth.
  • Improved Relationships.
  • Helps in maintaining a good physical & mental health.


Vastu shastra tips for Financial Prosperity At Home:

Vastu sound really complicated and difficult to follow for many. But in real, it is really easy and simple to follow. Here are a few simple Vastu tips you can follow at home:

Earth-Prithvi: It is known for giving soundness and persistence. It overwhelms the middle and slanting bearings in each corner.

•Air-Vayu: Known for bringing the component of fun and satisfaction in our everyday life, it overwhelms the East.

•Space-Akasha: It addresses intellectual energy and mental space. Space is answerable for all type of social energies, and it rules west.

•Fire-Agni: The energy of fire addresses certainty, cash, and achievement. It rules the South.

•Water-Jal: Water is one of the significant supporting components of human existence. Consequently it is related with invulnerability and wellbeing. It overwhelms the North.

•Since the Main entryway is the section for the energies in the house, keep it spotless and embellished for pulling in riches.

•The shading purple addresses abundance, subsequently painting the dividers of the house purple would be valuable.

•The almirah where you keep the money ought to be kept in the South or South-West mass of the house, so that it would open up toward the North of the house.

•Placing a mirror directly before the money storage is another approach to draw in abundance. It represents that your cash is bent over!

•Keeping water bodies in the North-Eastern piece of your home represents the progression of valuable energy. You could put a water body like a little wellspring, water nursery or some other water body show-piece.

•To stay away from monetary loses; ensure you fix flawed fixtures, taps or any broken pipes.

•another basic solution for drawing in cash in Vastu is having a bird feeder in the North Western piece of the house.

•Fishes help refining the home and having an aquarium in the North-Eastern piece of the house will be gainful, and ensure you keep the aquarium circulated air through and clean.

•Maintain a free progression of air in the house and for a superior progression of abundance, wind rings on the passageways guarantee the income.

•For monetary profits, setting Goddess Laxmi's image or icon close to the passage is advantageous.

• An exceptionally regular Vastu conviction is that keeping a woodwind in the house wards off monetary inconveniences. In case you're confronting issues with your schooling or profession, hanging 2 woodwinds will be helpful.

Vastu shastra Tips for Good Health

  • The focal point of the house ought to consistently be left vacant or with extremely light furnishings. This guarantees the free progression of energy with no limitation.
  • Imbalance of fire component causes ailment in the house. Along these lines, to adjust it, the best spot for a fire component like candle, diya or chimney, is Southeast or Northwest heading of the house.
  • Avoid putting mirrors inverse to the bed as mirrors mirroring a dozing individual make an issue of energy channel, causing ailment.
  • Make sure that your restroom energy and kitchen energy doesn't stir up. In the event that they are inverse to one another, ensure the entryways are constantly shut.
  • If somebody in the house is unwell, keeping a consuming light in the room would assist them with recuperating.
  • For good wellbeing, keep your face towards North-East or East while drinking water.
  • Growing citrus and keeping them at the passage of the house welcomes great wellbeing into the house

To guarantee great wellbeing, place Lord Hanuman's image looking towards the south of the house as he is the defender of our wellbeing

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