7 Top Tourists Attractions in Albania


7 Top Tourists Attractions in Albania

Albania may be a small country, but there is a lot to see and do in this exciting, growing area. You can take Pakistan International Airlines flights to reach Albania anytime to spend quality time with your family. The massive coastline of Albania, which borders Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Macedonia, is one of the most beautiful ones in the whole world. Although Albania is slowly becoming more and more popular among tourists, it remains extraordinarily undiscovered and almost entirely unpolluted. Let's see the best places to visit in Albania!

1 – Tirana

After being filled with gray, unfriendly communist buildings, Tirana has changed significantly since the early 1990s. The capital of Albania is now a fun, friendly, and festive place to visit. Full of life, now brightly colorful pedestrian streets present charming buildings from the Ottoman era and Italian architecture that highlights the rich past of the country. Many great museums and art galleries are worth checking out. Although it can be a bit chaotic in the crowded city center, the picturesque Dajti Mountain is just a short ride by cable car. With fantastic views of the city below and wonderful nature all around, it is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon. In an infinite number of bars, cafes, and restaurants that can be found in the fashionable Blloku district, Tirana is full of nightlife. Take cheap air tickets to this under-visited capital to experience everything the city has to offer.

2 – Berat

The city of Berat is located on the river Osum in the middle of the country. In the past, it was built as a castle and erected on a hill. The original Kalaja Castle is located on this hill. The castle contains a district with numerous churches and mosques and is worth seeing. Berat is also called the "city of a thousand windows" because typical houses have large windows. These windows design the panorama of the city. White houses are historic buildings to preserve the original appearance of the town.
In 1961, Berat was chosen as the "city of museums" and is, therefore, an excellent place for history and culture lovers. The town's surroundings offer small villages and typical landscapes, which you can also visit during the trip.

3 – Gjirokaster

Located in the south of the country, Gjirokaster is a real pleasure. Its beautiful old town is situated on a hillside overlooking the valley, and the winding cobbled streets are full of quaint buildings and monuments. With over 500 houses and buildings protected and preserved as "cultural monuments," Gjirokaster is full of magnificent architecture.

It is often called the "city of stone" because of the characteristic local groves that can be seen everywhere. Above the picturesque Old Bazaar is the Gjirokaster Castle, considered the second largest in the entire Balkans. A fascinating place to visit, the castle has an underground bunker from the Cold War and the Museum of Armaments for visitors, along with impressive fortifications and ruins.
This small town has everything to offer, and you can buy unique gifts for your loved ones from its bazaars. So, take Pakistan International Airlines flights to visit Albania and do not skip Gjirokaster.

4 – Kruje

Locally called the "Adriatic balcony," Kruje is known as the home of the national hero of Albania Gjergj Skanderbeg. Located in the north of the city, this is one of the must-see places to visit in Tirana, Albania. Situated on a hillside, this small town is also called the city of Skanderbeg, which saved Albania from the Ottoman Empire. The main attraction of this town on the hill is the castle in which Skanderbeg once hid from Turkey.

Standing at this castle, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the entire city. A trip to Kruje will be perfect for admiring the monuments and picturesque landscapes.

5 – Apollonia

Next to the city of Fier in central Albania are the ruins of an ancient city, named after the god Apollon. It was the most important and largest city in the ancient world. The ruins are still impressive and show a piece of original glory. You can take cheap air tickets and visit Apollonia's temples, libraries, and other buildings, as well as the triumphal arch and broken mansions. The historical site is awe-inspiring. It is also worth seeing the view from the hills of the country.

6 – Durres

The large city of Durres on the Albania coast is the most important port city in the country. Not only from an economic point of view but also culturally is the capital. Cultural events and feasts take place throughout the year. The amphitheater, which is one of the city's most notable attractions, has an essential role in these events. The impressive ancient building could hold about 20,000 people in the past and can be visited today. It is considered one of the tourists' centers in the whole world, and besides history and culture, it provides a lot more to have fun.

7 – Himare

Thanks to the beautiful surroundings on the Albanian Riviera, the glistening turquoise waters of Himare and the spectacular hilly coast make it an ideal place if you are looking for sun, sea, and sand. While most tourists come to the beaches and quiet seafront promenade, the historic old town is lovely to stroll; Climate taverns are full of Mediterranean charm and delicious local seafood. At the top of the hill, there is a magnificent castle with a splendid view of the sea. The nearby mountains also have beautiful trails and viewpoints for visitors, and the area is home to spectacular churches and monasteries such as the Monastery of the Cross and Athaliotissa.


These are the best places to visit in Albania that are not to be missed if you are a first-time traveler. So, if you are planning a vacation in Europe soon, take Pakistan International Airlines flights and prepare a checklist of these places and have a relaxing time in this Balkan country.

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