A Beginner’s guide to Comcast email

Users wanting to experience Comcast email services of world-class level but are unsure over how to configure it on their Windows PC, there is nothing to worry about.

Comcast corporation ranks among the largest mass media and communications firms in both the United States and across the globe today. In America alone, it is renowned for providing internet and telephone services. Email services are also offered by the company.

Users wanting to experience Comcast email services of world-class level but are unsure over how to configure it on their Windows PC, there is nothing to worry about. They only need to follow certain steps for properly configuring Comcast’s email services.

In fact, Comcast’s technical support division is always around for helping users in configuring Comcast email accounts on Windows PC.

The beginner’s guide to Comcast emails

  1. How to access it

Users can access their Comcast email account through email programs that have been installed on their PCs. Once they have configured it, they can access their account easily on their web browsers with relevant ease.

If users are unsure over which program they should use, they can search for it on their computer to check the email program installed. They can alternatively consult with Comcast’s tech support team.

  1. Configuring it on Windows Mail

In terms of configuring it on Windows mail, users should go to the ‘all programs’ menu from the Start Menu. Afterwards, they should click on Windows Mail to open the app. 

When they click on the menu bar, users will see the Tools option. They should then click on it and then they should select Accounts.

Then they should click on ‘Add’ after selecting their account. Then they should click on Next for the display name field and if you need more then you should see technofuss for more.

Once they are on the display name field, users should type their desired name for the email address they want to make. Then in the email address field, they must type their email address and then click on ‘Next.’ From there, they can continue to type ‘mail.comcast.net’ in the Internet Server Field. In the Outgoing Server Field option, they should click on ‘smtp.comcast.net.’ 

Users can now create their Comcast username in the account field. Accordingly, they can set their desired password in the password field with ease.

Alternatively, users can click on the ‘Remember Password’ option if they want their computer to remember it. But they should avoid using this feature when using public computers. Lastly, they should click on ‘Finish’ to complete the configuration of the Comcast email account on Windows Mail on their Windows PC.

  1. Configuring Windows Live Mail

Users can set their Comcast email account on Windows Live Mail through the following steps:

  • Opening the Windows Live Mail and then going to the Account Menu. 
  • Then they should click on the ‘plus’ sign to add an account, email address, password and display name intended for their account.
  • Users should remember to put a check on the ‘manually configure server settings’ checkbox.
  • Then they should click on ‘Next’ to move to the server address, where ‘mail.comcast.net’ should be typed in the incoming server field and ‘smtp.comcast.net’ in the outgoing server field.
  • In the incoming server information, users should click on ‘require a secure connection’ (SSL) option which then requires authentication code fields.
  • In the outgoing server information, they should enter ‘465’ in the port field.
  • Then they should click on next to finish the configuration process.

Is using comcast email worth the buck?

Though, it faced a recent security breach; Comcast has been quick to resolve that issue and the email service is now headed by its brand Xfinity. Xfinity heads the telephony, internet and email services of Comcast, and its main competitor is Gmail, of Google.

Comcast is an all-American favorite and the company first started as a Cable distribution company in Mississippi in 1962. With the passage of time, it moved to Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. It is giant offering service in telephony, internet, and telecommunications.

Gmail became its competitor after 2010 and has become quite popular with many Americans. Comcast’s services began incurring costs and became costlier than what competitors offered. In fact, between 2012 and 2017, Gmail rose in popularity; thanks to its close integration with the many powerful tools G-suite has to offer.

It is only recently that Comcast began restructuring and revamping its services. Email and the Internet are now offered by Xfinity and it is making a return to the market. Xfinity belongs to Comcast and is still worth the money.

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