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How to Change AOL Email Password When Forgot Account Details

AOL includes both email and instant messaging features. All these features use one password to access the accounts. Passwords are designed to protect other users from accessing your accounts. They are unique and can consist of both letters and numbers. Changing an AOL password is actually very simple, and you will still have the luxury of keeping one password for both email and instant messaging.

America Online or AOL as popularly known is one of America’s leading news and internet service provider. AOL offers services like news updates, live sports score, weather updates, email, entertainment videos etc. These services are used by customers across the states for their personal purposes. In all these services, AOL’s email service is very popular, people have been using it since years. So, let’s talk more about it.

We will today discuss as how to reset AOL mail password. Speaking about changing password, there can be many reasons as why would you want to change or reset your AOL mail password. Say for example, you want to make your account password stronger, or your have found some suspicious email activity from your email account or simply you have a new password. So here is a step-by-step guide for resetting AOL mail password.

There are two circumstances that can cause someone to want to change his/her AOL password: 1) forgetting the AOL password and needing to recover it and 2)  to change the AOL password. The latter can be because the AOL password has leaked to someone or the user wants to adhere to the good practice of changing his/her password periodically. It is a good practice to change one’s AOL password at least once in a month.

Change or reset your AOL Password.

Article sort icon Your AOL watchword offers you access to each AOL service you utilize. it is usually a decent plan to update your watchword often and to create positive it’s distinctive from alternative passwords you utilize. find out how to vary or reset a forgotten watchword.

Your AOL watchword offers you access to each AOL service you utilize. it is usually a decent plan to update your watchword often and to create positive it’s distinctive from alternative passwords you utilize. If you have forgotten your watchword, you’ll reset it for an opportunity.

Change your Password

1. move to the AOL Account security page.
2. Click amendment watchword.
3. Enter a replacement watchword.
4. Click Continue.

The following steps show in detail how to change an AOL password when the current password is known:

  1. Sign into the AOL Mail Account from AOL
  2. Once signed in, the user is taken to the My Account page. Click the Edit link next to the Password field.
  3. The next page will ask that the current password is entered. Type a new password and retype it for conformation.
  4. Click Continue to carry on with the password change.
  5. If the entered information is correct, the password information will be updated. Hence, the user can now log in with his/her new password.

Recover a Forgotten AOL Password

Someday, an AOL user may need to change/recover his/her AOL password because he/she forgot it. In order to recover the AOL password, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to AOL. Click the Forgot password link just below the password text field on the sign in form.
  2. The next page will ask for the Email/Screen Name and Word In Image for verification. The latter verifies that the user is human and not some computer operated program.
  3. The user is provided with two options for password retrieval. Either provide an alternate mail address or date of birth (with gender and zip code). Enter whichever is feasible or known. Click Submit.
    recover aol password
  4. Enter the answer to the secret question. Click Submit.
  5. Enter and retype the new password for confirmation. Click Submit.
  6. The password will be changed/updated. Next time, the user can log in with his/her new password.

Be sure to carefully choose a password and keep it safe. If possible, do not write it down because it is easier for people to get access to it. Let it be a secret. To help protect one’s personal information, change passwords regularly.

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