How to Change Margins In Google Docs

If you need to change your Margins in your Google Docs, you can read the blog.

While creating a document in Google docs or open the existing one, you will be noticed that it already has some default margins. The margin is the unused space in the document, it doesn’t have any text or images. It helps your text to crashing with the edges of documents. While printing a document, these margins help to separate the line and content.

If you ever need to change the default margins in Google Docs, it's a really simple procedure. There is one approach to do it that is exceptionally quick, however, it just takes a shot at the left and right margins. The other technique is somewhat more confounded, however, it enables you to change every one of the edges immediately.

Modify the Margin in Google Docs from Left and Right

  • Steer to Google Docs.
  • Open the needed document which you want to edit or you can do it in the new document.
  • Search the ruler on top of the document.
  • In order to modify the left margin, see the rectangular bar with a triangle under it.
  • Press the triangle with the ruler.
  • Same with the right margin, press the down-facing triangle end of the ruler.
  • Press and drag it with the ruler.

Manage the Top, Bottom, Left and Right Margins on Google Docs

  • First of all, open the document you want to edit
  • Go to the left panel of the screen and click on the File and Page setup.
  • See the settings of Margins.
  • Tap on the box at the right of the margin.
  • Press the triangle to the ruler end section. You can do it by clicking on set as default in case you want to set these margins on all the documents.
  • Now tap on OK.
  • Check to confirm and see the new margins are applied or not

Change Paragraph Margins In Google Docs

While you're editing a paragraph in Google Docs, you can easily set particular left and right margins for that exact amount of text by following the below-given steps.

  • Click and drag the left descending pointing triangle in the ruler. It will help to modify the left margin for that paragraph.
  • Now tap and drag the right down-pointing triangle in the ruler. It helps to modify or change the margin of that paragraph.

Unlock a Google Doc for Editing

The stress-free method to unlock a Google Doc so that you can change the margins by getting the approval from the document owner.

  • Tap the box which displays View only.
  • Write your request into the box
  • Now tap on Send request.

If the document owner chooses to grant you access, you should be able to reopen the file and change the margins as usual.

However, changing margins in Google docs is an effortless task, you can change or modify the default settings by executing the above steps. In case, you face any issue in changing margins, feel free to visit the Google help center. You can easily get help related to your concern.

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