Telstra Bigpond Email Login Problem

Fixing Issues with BigPond Email login

Solve your Bigpond email problems

BigPond is an Australian based company that generally deals with providing their customers IMAP access through their (Telstra Mail). They also provide free access through any device such as mobile phones, pc, mac and more. BigPond also allows its active users to check their emails through other email programs. It allows you not only to check your email but also to send emails. These other email programs include; Outlook Express, Apple Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird. They usually give allowance to more email providers with the benefit that your email is still available and open for you even when you
are online.

The key features of this are the main attraction for people to use it. Let us discuss some of its basic features.

  • HD Calling
  • Video calling
  • Wi-Fi calling
  • Picture and video messaging
  • Sending messages overseas
  • Voice2Text
  • Premium SMS messaging
  • Barred outgoing calls

Hence, because of these benefits, many users all over Australia are inclined towards using this platform to satisfy/ meet their needs. Yet, there are some users who have BigPond email login problems. First and foremost, login issues are very frustrating but resolving them is never a big deal. For some people, this might take up some time but the process of settling down the issue is gradual and efficient.

Let us now look at how can we fix some of these issues:

  • Slow internet- this is one of the most important criteria while using any web browser. You should use only trusted internet providers so that it does not hamper the functioning, and you do not face such issues without any reason. Once you develop very fast internet connectivity the problem of BigPond webmail login will no longer persist.
  • Hacked Account- now this is a very serious issue. You need to be very careful while logging and signing out of your account. Never enter your password in front of any stranger or someone whom you may doubt. Accounts can be hacked through various means. If you think that your account is hacked then, with the help of the “forgot password” link quickly change your password and put a strong security key.
  • Password- now, as we all are aware sometimes we mix up our passwords. If you think that you are having such an issue write down all your passwords that belong to a particular account; either on your phone in the notes section or on a notepad. By doing so, it will be very easy for you to analyze the right password, and you can enter it and get off the issue.
  • Invalid passcode- if you think that you are entering the wrong password or you forgot your password you can easily resolve it without much to think. All you need to do is, click on the “forgot password” link visible below your account details and enter all the required information, and your issue will be resolved.
  • Server issues- if you are seeing that your page is taking time to load after entering your password or troubled network connection then these are a sign of server issues. You can easily solve it by reloading the page after a few hours of inactivity.

Thus, if you still think that you are unable to login into your account then the best solution for this is to change your password. You must do so along with changing your contact details. This is the only possible way out but, you can always go to their official website and look for configuration details and methods.

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