A Comprehensive Guide to Acrylic Bubble Walls

A Comprehensive Guide to Acrylic Bubble Walls

Acrylic Bubble walls have recently gained popularity as a great way to add style, vibe and entertainment to home or office interiors.

Acrylic Bubble walls have recently gained popularity as a great way to add style, vibe and entertainment to home or office interiors. Midwest Tropical offers a variety of these bubble water walls for sale in different shapes, sizes, colors and materials, making them ideal for nearly every type of domestic, office, and restaurant or spa spaces.


What are Bubble walls and how do they operate?

A bubble wall is a clear, transparent panel which showcases a magnificent underwater scenario. These panels are usually made up of acrylic material and are similar to the regular aquarium tanks. Behind the acrylic bubble wall panels are clear, plastic tubes connected to a hidden motor that pumps bubbles through the pipes resulting in a realistic flow of underwater bubbles. According to apollocreative air is pumped via the powerful motors, which is then evenly distributed across the surface of the wall to generate bubbles. Using high quality LED strip lights, the bubble wall lights up and can be customized to set the right mood and ambience. At Midwest Tropical, Bubble Walls come with attached DMX LED light strips, which can easily synchronize lights to match each other, perfect for use in sensory rooms or catching your customer’s eye on a retail or exhibition stand.


How Versatile are Bubble Walls?

Bubble water features are very versatile due to the vast amount of size and color options available. The three main bubble water features include floor standing, wall hanging and interior window water fountains. For more innovation you can use large free standing bubble wall fountains as art pieces and room dividers while small, wall mounted ones can be a replacement for mediocre artwork. Whether it’s a medical office, waiting room, restaurant, spa, bar or club, bubble walls can be easily installed for enhancement of the room’s ambiance.


A Few Benefits of Having a Bubble Wall:


Besides being versatile and virtually usable anywhere, Bubble Wall Kits also have other benefits that make them superior to aquariums, and artificial plants.

  1. No living creatures are used so there is less need of constant water replacement and cleaning. This saves up tonnes of water, time and money spent in feeding fishes and keeping plants healthy and fresh in an aquarium.
  2. Bubble fountains act similar to air purifiers. According to Bubblewall they produce negative ions which attract dust and other irritants, and remove them from the air.
  3. The sound and sight of water is a world famous stress reliever. Now imagine a full wall of flowing water. Soothing right? Bubble Wall Art is an excellent way to make your room pleasant and uplifting the mood of everyone present inside.


Where Can You Use Acrylic Bubble Walls?

  • Bars & Nightclubs:

Nightclubs are famous to be gathering places for friends and to engage with new people while bars radiate energy. Both of these places are exciting, yet hypnotic. Bubble walls have LED lights that showcase their mesmerizing visual displays in dark rooms. Apart from free standing or wall mounted bubble fountains, these types of acrylic wall kits can be replaced as the counters for bar tops, adding to the desired appeal and feel of the space.

  • Restaurants:

Bubble acrylic wall features can change into any kind of mood one wants, making them the perfect choice for any kind of a restaurant, be it a casual family dining, an expensive cuisine bar, a fun happy environment or a romantic fine dine cafe. You can customize the lighting and speed of the bubbles according to your desired mood and ambiance. For instance, when serving young and hippy dinners you can go for a yellow lit bubble fountain with fast bubbles, slow red bubbles for a valentines or anniversary celebration dinner while dark blue colored bubble water for an upscale business dining experience.

  • Corporate Offices:

Companies prefer showing off their grandeurs and opulence with contemporary, luxurious and stylish architecture, interior design and décor. Just how bubble walls can be customized to look elegant and radiate relaxation, they can be used to catch someone’s eye and attention through unique and modern pieces.

  • Hotels:

Hotel management tries to create an environment that is relaxing, comfortable and elegant for the visitors and guests. Bubble walls art offers all three genres with their intriguing bubbles, exciting colors and clean, contemporary frames and shapes. Their diversity in color and size makes them perfect to be installed in hotel lobbies of all sizes. Their lighting and bubble speed can be set to match the look and ambiance of the rest of the lobby’s décor.


How to Choose the Best Bubble Wall For Your Space


Since Bubble Walls come in multiple shapes and sizes, every fountain calls for different spaces. Here are a few things to consider before installing Bubble walls on your property.


  • Cost:

Bubble water fountains vary greatly when it comes to costs. Naturally, the larger the size of free-standing fountains the more the cost. Interior window fountains are the most affordable options if you’re looking for something on a low budget. Including customized features for instance tubing designs and having multi-color DXE lights raise the prices of your package.


  • Location:

The place where you plan to fit your bubble wall panel decides the size, as well as the style and lighting of bubble wall panels. It's recommended to get a bubble wall different from those for a patient waiting room than for that behind the bar in a nightclub. Even within the same property, different rooms can have different purposes and vibes that you would want the bubble wall to match.


  • Size and Dimension:

If you have a narrow hallway, you would want to steer clear of large floor standing fountains. Similarly avoid small wall mounted fountains in large rooms. Always ensure that the size of your bubble wall is in proportion to the size of the room you’re placing it in.


  • Style:

There are two styles of bubble art walls, bubble baffle and baffle bubble. Bubble baffle fountains come with built-in vertical tubes inside the panels that make the bubbles flow upwards. In baffle bubble fountains, the bubbles move freely inside the panels. The former are more suited for a modern and fun ambiance while the latter for a more relaxing and romantic look.


  • Quality:

As bubble water wall features have gained more popularity, more companies have started coming up with their own versions of these fountains. However, not all of them are built the same. Some fountains use lower quality materials which result in mechanical malfunctions, leakage and lesser lifespans.


  • Customization:

With bubble acrylic walls, you have the liberty to get a custom bubble wall that fits and enhances the look of a space. Common customizations include colored lights, styles, sizes and shapes. For a more professional look, customized bubble wall fountains can also be engraved with and shaped into business logos.


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