Bodycon Dresses for women

A Guide To Wear Bodycon Dresses For Plus Size Woman

Previously there was a delusion that bodycon dresses for women were only suitable for the hourglass figure.

Judgemental societies have reduced the confidence of several plus-size women who now feel that bodycon dresses are not ideal for them. But every woman is beautiful in their unique ways, and no one has the right to say otherwise. 

A girl should wear what she wants irrespective of her size and shape, and there is no rule in the world that says that only a slim girl can pull off a bodycon dress. All the plus-size women out there, it is time to rock in this hot trend this season. All you need is some confidence and a positive attitude. These dresses are all about highlighting your curves. Since these dresses cling to the body and reveal your figure, some women are shy to put them on.

Tips For Plus Size Women For Wearing Bodycon Dresses

Once you have made up your mind on putting on a bodycon dress, then stick to it, pick the right shapewear to cover up the flaws, and find the perfect size.

Printed Bodycon Dresses

If you are overweight, then your best option would be to camouflage your flaws, and printed bodycon dresses for women, whether it's a flower print or an animal print, would help achieve this. But if you have a plus-size body, opt for smaller images rather than larger ones as they can make you look bulkier.

Conceal The Abdominal Area

If you are not very comfortable with your bulky abdominal area, then cover it up, use a wide belt at the waistline for getting a slimmer look or try a peplum style or a dress fitted on the waist and flared below it. It is a great idea for covering up the more massive areas of the body.

Try-On A Top To Layer Up Your Look

If you are not very confident in revealing your body's midsection, then cover it up in layers. It will help balance the look; you can try anything starting from a cardigan or an oversized t-shirt.

Choose The Best Fabric

Choose a stretchable and firm; this will help hold up the plump areas of the body without the formations of bulges. Choosing the wrong material can draw attention to every detail that you wanted to hide. 

Solid Coloured Bodycon Dresses

A solid dark-colored dress is the best option for plus-sized women to get that sizzling hot look. Darker shades help in giving an illusion of an elongated and slim silhouette. Just pair this up with the right set of jewelry and a clutch and keep the makeup minimal.

Transform Your Pair Of Crop Tops And Pencil Skirt Into A Bodycon Dress

If you are not very confident that you can pull out the look with a bodycon dress, then try on a pair of crop top and a knee-length pencil skirt; this will create the illusion of a bodycon dress in a classier way.

Paneled Bodycon Dress

The paneled bodycon dresses are an excellent option for plus-sized women; the side panels add an illusion of having a slim figure, which creates a stylish and classy look.

Try Minimal Makeup And Jewellery

The bodycon dress is a style statement within itself; you don't need much to accessorize them, so go for the minimal look, choose simple, classy jewelry, and put on the least amount of makeup to balance the look altogether.

Choose A Style That Suits You Perfectly

Choose a style that suits your body type; if you have a bulkier bottom, then buy dresses that will draw more attention to the upper part and if you have a more massive upper half, then try layering it up with a t-shirt or a cardigan.

Choose Striped Dresses

Stripes can be incorporated into your look, whether it's horizontal or vertical. Lines are quite useful in making you look slimmer and taller.

A Proper Neckline

Necklines play a significant role in balancing the look. A woman with a round tummy should try on deeper necklines from diverting attention from the abdominal area. In contrast, a shorter woman with bulkier legs should try out a v-neck to get an illusion of height.

Pair Them Up With High Heels

A plus-size woman may seem to be heavier and shorter, so try on a pair of heels to balance the look. You can try on simple pumps or a pair of block heels to evenly balance the weight.

Hopefully, if you have a plus-shaped body, reading this article will help you find the perfect way to wear your bodycon dress and remove that fear of messing up with the look from your mind. All you need to do is be confident and inspired and pull out the stunning look!

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