Best Smart TV in India

Best Smart Tv in India- Reviews & Buyers Guide

Planning to purchase best smart tv in India ? Please read buyers Guide and Reviews shared by our Industry experts

Planning to purchase best smart tv in India ? Please read buyers Guide and Reviews shared by our Industry experts.

Smart TV features

Stream movies, TV shows on your TV

The rising popularity of smart TVs has created a new opportunity for online content to become more relevant. Besides YouTube, there are plenty of other online channels available today that carry unlimited content to watch on smart TVs. Some of the popular ones include NetFlix, SonyLiv, Hulu and Voot. Most of them are free, while some have paid subscriptions. These online channels help you keep yourself updated with your favourite TV series, whenever you want.

Besides the popular ones, there is a wide variety of channels available across all genres. There is plenty of content available for every member of the family. It even makes sense to subscribe to these channels if you have a 4K TV. Most of the channels also let you watch your favourite TV shows and movies in 4K resolution. Not just that, some of the channels are also great to get your hands on the latest HDR content.

Browse the Internet on your TV

Smart TVs come with built-in browsers. This means you can surf the internet and visit your favourite websites. The big screen makes the experience much better than surfing internet on a desktop or a laptop. You can do it while sitting comfortably on your sofa and even share the content with everybody else in the room. To make the experience more immersive and streamlined, you can also connect a USB powered mouse and keyboard to it.

Access Social media on your TV

Smart TVs also let you have an immersive experience with your social media apps Imagine going through your Facebook photos or scrolling through your Twitter feed on the big screen TV. Having access to social media apps means you don’t have to constantly keeping switching between your smartphone to your TV. You can just get access all of it, while watching your favourite TV shows on the side.

Play Games on your TV

Smart TVs also make great gaming devices. Many popular game titles like Asphalt 8: Airborne, Subway Surfer, Fruit Ninja, that are available on smartphones and the tablets are also available on most smart TVs. You can download and install them from the respective app store on the TV. Games are available in all genres. Not just entertainment, there are number of educative games available for kids as well. So kids can have fun and also learn at the same. 

Most games are compatible with the remote provided In-the-box. However, you can broaden the experience with the help of Bluetooth or USB joystick. Most smart TVs are compatible with these joysticks. Some games are also playable with a USB powered mouse and keyboard. This means you can enjoy them in the best way possible.

Voice and gesture control

Some high-end smart TVs let you interact with them through voice commands and gestures. There are certain pre-programmed voice commands that let you control basic features, for example, control volume. However, some TV’s also come with voice recognition feature, which allows only you to interact with the TV and carry out certain commands. This allows the voice commands to be a little more intuitive.

It’s also self-learning, so it understands on viewing patterns and comes up with more relevant results, when you search for it. Most smart TV remotes come with a microphone built-in. Some TVs also come with gesture control, but this feature is not available with all models and is also not built-in. For this you need to connect a camera to the TV to recognize gestures. Once the camera is connected to, then you can control the interface of the TV with the help of simple hand gestures. You don’t even need to use the remote for it. 

Recording content 

Some smart TVs even let you record content as well. This means that you never miss an episode of your favourite TV show or a live sports event ever again. You can access them whenever you want and keep up with all your favourite TV shows as per your convenience. It’s also a handy feature for a family that has a clashing TV schedules. Recorded content is usually stored in an external USB drive. There is a catch here though.

It’s not possible to access the recorded content on any other device other than the TV. Also, once you have used the hard drive to record content, then it’s not possible to use the hard drive with other devices, unless you format it. So it’s recommended to have a separate external storage drive for your TV. 

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