Plus size suspender belt

Choosing Plus Size Suspender Belts

Garter belts, or suspender belts and hold ups are one of those fashion accessories that you’ll always find at a stockings shop. Here is a complete exploration of plus size suspender belts.

Garter belts, or suspender belts and hold ups are one of those fashion accessories that you’ll always find at a stockings shop. While these are primarily  made with fabric to fit around the waist,some of them may only be thigh-level and require a closer look. It is all due to its intended and primary purpose of keeping the stockings from slipping.  Here is a complete exploration of plus size suspender belts.

plus size suspender belt

Types of Suspender Belts

Buying a garter belt requires two necessary and inevitable measurements - one's hip measurement and one's waist circumference. Getting these measurements is the primary step in buying garter or suspender belts. The below mentioned are samples out of all the kinds of belts that are available. 

Industrial Suspender Clip Garter Belt

Garter belt

The Industrial Suspender Clip Garter belt is a highly durable belt that lacks ruffles but is worth buying for its durability. Its straps can extend or stretch from a minimum of five to six inches to a maximum of ten inches, involving the suspender clips. The Velcro closure is also so perfectly constructed and designed so that its uneven side doesn't bother the skin and instead is towards the clothing. Found in four sizes - Small, Medium, Large and Extra-large sizes, the major thing that people love about suspender clip belts is that these suspender clips are skillfully crafted. It makes them excellent to bear the socks that are with thick cuffs, like in cases of unanticipated and unique extraordinarily longer thighs.

Industrial Garter Belt

Running parallel to the aforementioned Industrial Suspender Clip Garter belt, the former is in the same vein with the latter. The Industrial Garter Belt is also hefty and also really helps to stand along with the thigh highs. The minimum and maximum stretch of the straps of the belt extend between five and nine inches long.  The suspender clips miss in these belts, and instead they possess a conventional button as well as a loop fastener. Also, Velcro's rough side too faces one's skin, and so, a camisole might also be needed to be considered to wear underneath this belt for perfect stockings. Coming in three sizes-small, medium, and large, this long-lasting belt can stand along and hold most medium-weight styles (cotton).

Deep Lace Suspender Belt

The previous two were from the industry styles, while the Deep Lace Suspender Belts are from Miss Naughty. These impressive belts have a width of six inches and are made of attractive and stretchy laces.  These Ladies suspender belts straps extend a minimum of six inches and a maximum of eleven inches along with the conventional button as well as the loop garter clips, prettily disguised by the little ribbon. Found in six different sizes (small, medium, large, extra-large, 2X, 3X), the belt can be handy to satisfy one's needs if the right one is chosen by correctly checking one's waist and hip measurements. In addition to the choice of a variety of sizes, to stick to all people's needs, they are incredibly soft with expandable lace and glossy tights that are loved by all.

Nylon Dreams 6 Strap Suspender Belt Lace Front Panel

Lace Garter Belt & Thong

The essence of the lace theme brings in the most affordable yet awesome belt - Lace Garter Belt & Thong, which is made using different fabrics. This basic model of this garter belt possesses straps found with the button as well as the loop garter clips that can be stretched from four to eight inches. Found in only one size (thirty-four to forty-five inches), the belt comes with a stretchable and convenient strap located at the back that ends with a hook as well as a loop. The users are highly pleased with the appealing and splendid lace detailing and the overall fit of the belt for the body.

Closing note 

The aforementioned are samples off plus size belts, and many others like a vintage style suspender belt, are available in choices of one's wish from the hosiery online too. 

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