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Requirements for choosing wholesale boys clothing of aged 0-6

However, whether these traditional views are correct is itself controversial. More importantly, boys with cute or handsome clothes will make people love them even more! Based on our many years of experience in wholesale boys clothing, let us tell you how to choose clothing for boys aged 0-6.

Generally speaking, boys' clothes receive little attention for three reasons: one is because of the idea of "boys are poorly dressed". Another reason is because the traditional belief that boys do not have to dress up too much. The third is because of boys. Indeed, there are not as many costumes as girls, and it is difficult to arouse the mother's girlish heart and desire to buy. However, whether these traditional views are correct is itself controversial. More importantly, boys with cute or handsome clothes will make people love them even more! Based on our many years of experience in wholesale boys clothing, let us tell you how to choose clothing for boys aged 0-6.

  1. 0-1 year old male treasure clothes

    • Try to wear as little as possible:

      Even in winter, wear a complete set of clothes and don't divide them into coats and underwear. Since most babies are lying in bed at this time and are not very good at cooperating with their mothers, changing clothes is troublesome. If there are three floors inside and three floors outside, please think about it, it will be a sore spot! Therefore, it is best to wear thick clothes in winter. Therefore, special attention should be paid to clothing fabrics at this time
    • There is no difference between inside and outside:

      during this period, the baby still cannot walk and basically lie down, so the clothes at this time are pajamas. They must be safe and comfortable, and not fashionable or novel. Of course, looseness is also essential-but not too loose, because babies are still very young at 0-1 years old.
    • Comfortable fabric:

      The fabric is not limited to cotton. Although the fabric of "sleeping" baby sweat-wicking overalls is completely cotton-free, it does not affect comfort. The comfort of cotton is different, the amount of cotton, printing and dyeing are also different, so you need to choose carefully.
    • No collar:

      Don't buy a collar. Round neck or V neck is better, don't bring some unnecessary decorative collars. Because 0-1 year old babies sweat a lot on their necks, they sometimes spit out milk. Therefore, if it is not cleaned in time, it will cause the baby's neck to become itchy, sticky or even inflamed. In addition, in order to make these necklines stiff and fashionable, the fabrics used are usually stiff and wear to the neck.
    • Monochrome socks:

      Two points must be noted. One is loose because the baby’s legs are plump and the socks are too tight, so it is best to buy larger socks. In any case, during this period, he rarely got up and walked. Socks can only keep warm. The second is that the pattern of socks should be less. Many baby socks have cute patterns, but at the expense of too much thread on the socks, too much thread may entangle the baby’s tender toes, so young parents must pay attention. In this regard, monochrome socks are much better.
  2. 1-2 year old male treasure clothes

    The 1-2 year old child starts to walk around. Separate clothes and pants are obviously more convenient than jumpsuits. Regarding the choice of fabrics and brands, the same age is 0-1. It should be noted that style is still not the point; the convenience of the mother and the comfort of the baby are the most important. So, don't pursue unconventional-ism!
  3. 2-3 years old male treasure clothes

    At this time, the babies started to go outdoors, some of them are already in the nursery, so mothers must pay attention to the beauty of the costumes.
    • Washable:

      Guo's mother suggested that for babies aged 2-5, although they are warm and light, they should buy less wool or cashmere sweaters. Buy a sweater because it can be machine washed!
    • Dirt tolerance:

      Regarding beauty, of course radishes and vegetables, each has its own love, but Guo Ma only wants to emphasize one point here, that is, dirt tolerance. At this time, the male Bao was very naughty, lying in the sandpit, throwing soup bowls, climbing railings...very normal. Washing clothes is usually not good for beauty and warmth, so it is important to resist stains.
  4. 3-6 years old male treasure clothes

    Children at this age are already in kindergarten, and mothers can't help but worry. Mothers can rest assured only when children are dressed safely and comfortably, don't they?
  5. Appropriate waist elasticity:

    Many mothers like to buy larger pants, which are well made. But the tightness of the waistband must be appropriate-too tight, small circles will appear on the waist of the child, which is not conducive to blood circulation, and it will also make the delicate skin itchy; too loose, the baby is moving while lifting the pants, which will distract the child Attentive.
  6. The color must be prominent:

    At this time, children's outdoor activities are gradually increasing, so it is very important to wear bright clothes to increase attention: in this way, parents can quickly find their children in the crowd, which is easy to manage and supervise. Secondly, outsiders such as car drivers are also more likely to notice the presence of children, thus ensuring the children's traffic safety.
  7. Choose the right universal vest:

    The vest is definitely a cultural relic: one is to protect the most important chest and back, while liberating the arms, so that the child can move more flexibly; secondly, it is small and easy to carry. It looks beautiful outside.

Having said so much, I believe moms already know how to choose clothes for boys aged 0-6! Choosing a boy's clothing is also very important. The styles shown to you above are all styles from our wholesale boy clothes website. In addition to the above wholesale boys clothing styles, we have more other styles. If you are also interested in our styles If so, you are welcome to visit our website.

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