Aaj Ka Panchang

Aaj Ka Panchang: Know how your day will be!!

As per Hindu sastra, today's panchang is a calendar or data which holds every data about the day of today life. If you want to know the details about your days then Aaj Ka Panchang Tithi helps you out.

Aaj ka Panchang has a great deal of significance in Vedic Astrology. In the Hindu religion, it is accepted to be impossible to carry out a feast, festival, celebration, and work without speaking with panchang, because it's only with the help of panchang that we could discover the Hindu Tithi and Muhurat. You may check out all the primary components of Hindu Panchangam on this page.

Based on the computations of five pieces of the Hindu Panchang, the Muhurat is noted down. With the assistance of panchang calculation, you will discover everything about panchang like the day, month, and year along with the well-known panchangs of different states with Day, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana, Sunrise-Sunset, and Moonrise-Moonset related information.

Hindu Panchang

Hindu panchang is the conventional astrology calendar of India which has been in use since old occasions. The Hindu Calendar - also called Panchang, daily panchang is used to determine the time and dates of Hindu festivals, religious ceremonies, muhurat timing, etc, making it an inseparable piece of Indian culture. The Hindu Tithi particularly demonstrates the 5 elements of time-division - vara, tithi, nakshatra, yoga, and Karana

Hindu Panchang & Its Significance in Astrology

In Astrology, importance can be portrayed in three distinct habits, which are as per the following:

  • Five Attributes, as indicated by Vedic Astrology, which is as described above, i.e Tithi, Yoga, Karana, Nakshatra, and Var.
  • Almanac, in which astrological dates and other details are recorded.
  • Panchang-pujan, a piece of Ganesh-Ambika-pujan.

While noticing the Hindu Calendar, two kinds of systems for Lunar Months are followed in India, which are Amanta or Sukladi system and Purnimanta system.

Today Panchang Tithi (20th March 2021)

Panchang has a critical job in our Indian Hindu religion, as it tells crucial information about the important celebrations of the year, their dates, auspicious muhurats, and puja timings.

It depends on the position of celestial bodies. According to panchang of March 20(Saturday), the day marks the Shukla Paksha Dashami Tithi of Hindi month Magha Maas in Vikram Samvat 2077. The day is Saniwara (Saturday) and Dashami Tithi will prevail till 5.23 pm and after this Ekadashi, Tithi will enter and remain till 6.09 pm on March 20.

Auspicious Muhurat for march 20:

Aaj Ki muhurat is the most auspicious one to start work or perform puja. The timings are 11.26 pm to 12.26 pm. It lasts for around 1-hour minutes between sunrise and sunset. The time interval between the sunrise and the sunset is divided into 15 equal parts.

Inauspicious timings for march 20:

According to Aaj Ka Tithi Panchang scriptures, Rahu is an inauspicious planet and the time under the effect of Rahu during the transition of the planet should be avoided to do any auspicious work. As per belief, during this period, any puja, hawan, or Yagya performed to please auspicious planets is interfered with by Rahu due to its malefic nature. It exists for around 90 minutes. On March 20, it will take place between 06:19 pm to 09:41 pm.

Panchang 2021

old sages and the Vedas, which hold their astuteness, have explained since time immemorial that when an individual acts in harmony with the environment, the environment also responds in a harmonious manner taking the individual as a part of the whole. Date Panchang assumes an imperative part in helping its followers act in harmony with their environment by offering an insight into the important tithi for a prosperous work to start. Without speaking with a Panchang in the Hindu religion, auspicious events like marriage ceremonies, civic affairs, important events, inaugurals, examinations, interviews, starting a new business, and fresh beginnings are not carried out.

As panchang holds everything for about a day at that point it's smarter to take the assistance of panchang prior to starting any significant works. For additional subtleties visit- Tabij.in or contact +91 9776190123


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