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WpSolution provides several WooCommerce inventory management plugins that helps online entrepreneur to manage their inventory online.

Whether you have a physical store or an online store, controlling your product inventory is one of the most important tasks for any business.

YES, we’re talking about managing inventory in WooCommerce and how you can do it easily and quickly to get your business started!

There are a number of powerful Woocommerce Inventory Management plugins that allow you to manage your business and grow your business quickly.

In addition, WooCommerce has a unique inventory adjustment panel that allows you to control your inventory down to the smallest detail.

Before going-in let’s understand and find the inventory settings; here @WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

Number of Plugins that helps the entrepreneur to manage their stock are as follows :

A. TradeGecko

TradeGecko is one of the best WooCommerce inventory management plugin launched by Carl Thompson and Cameron & Bradley Priest in 2013. This is an amazing solution for inventory management that target the wholesalers and retailers in online market.

Being one of the most popular multi-channel WooCommerce inventory management tools it allows the entrepreneur to integrate their products and services in a small as well as huge online store.

With the help of this plugin, the visibility of the product increases and large number of buyers are able to search for their products.

This tool gives enough equipment to launch a wholesale business by creating a wholesale price for the available products and services. This helps to update the details of products on multiple channels without facing any complexity.

Additionally, it is also a B2B eCommerce platform that allows wholesalers to sell their products directly to their customers.

This software is designed to help business activities like sales and supply chains through inventory control. All the customers are able to generate sales and purchase orders, create reports and track the inventory easily through multiple warehouse.

The best thing is this software is also available as a mobile app for iphone, ipad and apple watch that lets you manage products and orders easily.

WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin integrated with many other cloud based software such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Xero, and much more.

Finally, we will only say that if you started a WooCommerce business and wish to make a good sale then go no else where, this is one of the best plugin for you to control your entire inventory management system. It offers a lot more features are as follows;

Features of TradeGecko

1. Pay Online

TradeGecko provides the facility that enables the users to pay online. In other words, pay online means the user can purchase their willing products online without any problem or delay.

2. Stock Updation

This software helps to update stock levels automatically whenever any transaction of sale is made. This tool reduces the complexity of creating any spreadsheets for such transactions.

3. Orders Management

This tool helps to manage inventory and orders of a company. This activity done by keeping all the records of purchase and sale.

4. B2B eCommerce Platform

Another good feature of tradeGecko oms is private B2B eCommerce platform that enables online wholesaler to run their business. This means that all the wholesalers can sell their products online directly to the customers.

5. Multiple Warehouse

This software can efficiently manages multiple warehouses at a particular point of time. With the help of this feature, an entrepreneur can store the data of single products on more than one warehouse.

6. Integrated Platform

It integrates with many number of ecommerce platforms at a point of time. Some of the platforms are Shopify, Woocommerce, Xero etc.

B. WooCommerce Stock Manager

WooCommerce Stock Manager is one of the best woocommerce inventory management plugins for your wholesale and retail business. This allows you to manage your inventory and stock items, where your assets are. You can view products and their details from one screen without having to go to each product screen.

In addition, it gives you the power to manage product stocks, customers, backorders, stock positions, selling prices, regular prices, weights and more efficiently.

Features :

1. This software allows entrepreneurs to export all stock data from your e-commerce store to a CSV file. Apart from this, you can also edit the CSV file according to your requirements and then import it back into your online store.

2. It gives filter options to find each product in WooCommerce stock by sorting product ID, product name and default.

3. With this plugin, you can show different stock fields with many colors such that when the stock is over 5 you can show it with green color, yellow for less than 5 pieces, and red for 0 pieces. Can.

4. You can display a product thumbnail image to manage a set of large images on your order page.

5. WooCommerce Stock Manager Plugin protects the personal data and privacy of your site users as it is GDPR ready.

C. Point of Sale Plugin

The Point of Sale WordPress plugin provides owners with an easy interface to store where they can easily manage online store stock and inventory. It is suitable for all companies and organizations that want to manage sales, inventory, stock and more. The advanced point of sale plugin comes with inventory and cache management, QRcode scanning, graph chat, invoice print and more.

In addition, with the Point of Sale plugin, you can handle sales, employee productivity, customer details, accounting and back-office tasks.

Features :

1. See credit limit on customer contact information, balance and POS. You can define multiple shipping and billing addresses of customers and offer discounts on items based on different customer groups.

2. The Advanced Point of Sale plugin helps you quickly update customer details and view previous order information.

3. This plugin supports a variety of barcode scanners through which you can easily register your sales and inventory products at the WooCommerce store.

4. When customers enter their details such as email address, name, phone number, it automatically receives a print or email of the product list.

D. Rapid Stock Manager

Rapid Stock Manager is a fast and easy-to-use woocommerce inventory management plugin for managing warehouse and record stock audits. It automatically updates all your stock list without reloading the page. Its user-friendly interface helps you to access all stock details within one screen. Due to this, customers do not face any problem when they buy a product.

In addition, this plugin allows you to customize the appearance of the product catalog and lets you show a single or multiple products on screen.

Features :

1. You can set or adjust the number of products you want to appear on the page. In addition, you can

2. This helps to set a low stock indicator on your site when products are out of stock.

3. Easy to customize the view of products, set the color of the following stock products, highlight the row / column color, to show the changes made by users.

4. With Rapid Stock Manager, you can modify the stock amount for previous "given" and "when" products.

E. WP Inventory Manager

WP Inventory Manager is an inventory management plugin that provides a clean and powerful dashboard to manage and track your everyday sales and purchase records. Here, administrators can easily manage the product stock details they wish to display or sell on your WordPress site.

In addition, it provides customizable labels, templating systems, hooks with the developer, filters, and utility functions to provide full control access permissions to add or edit items completely to your list. In addition, it provides powerful features and add-ons for your WordPress website.

Features :

1. This software is compatible with Mac Firefox, Mac Safari, Mac Chrome, PC Safari, PC Chrome, PC Firefox, iPhone Safari, iPad Safari and PC ie 7.

2. WP Inventory Manager allows you to manage and store an unlimited number of items.

3. You can use different database tables to access the database faster.

4. Create several categories of products and label them to your liking.


Managing inventory in an e-store is a sales improving factor that’s why it is most important for a WooCommerce store. But you can perform this only with the help of a plugin. There are a lot of woocommerce inventory management plugins for the same, choosing one of the best is a big problem.

Firstly we recommend you TradeGecko because this is one of the best & best plugin that fulfill all requirements of your store.

Hope the blog is helpful for you. Share your opinion with us using the comment section provided below.

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