Advantages of Hosting a Website on Google Cloud

Advantages of Hosting a Website on Google Cloud

Advantages of Hosting a Website on Google Cloud

Google cloud hosting is a cloud computing solution from the Internet leader Google. You can enjoy a free trial of cloud hosting for the first 12 months, and then the billing starts. There are multiple billing plans available for you. AES Cloud Hosting explains the advantages of hosting a website on Google cloud


Top Five Advantages of Hosting A Website on Google Cloud


1. Increased Website Page Speed 


Google houses the state-of-the-art infrastructure through its many data centers. In comparison to any other cloud hosting provider, Google can offer you higher website access speed. Additionally, Google cloud servers can handle large traffic loads. Hence, your website always stays online through Google Cloud Hosting solutions. 


2. Dedicated Internet Access Through Private Network


Through Google’s Grace Hopper and other submarine cable initiatives, it can give you access to the fully dedicated private network. Through a private fiber-optic network, you get unmatched control, scalability, speed, and user engagement opportunities. 


3. The Best Security & Control Over Your Digital Assets


Google employs thousands of cybersecurity experts to secure its servers. When you use Google cloud hosting for your website, you get the security level that protects websites like YouTube, Gmail, Google Chrome Web Store, Google Stadia, etc. You get 128 bit or 256 bit SSL security, whichever you need. It is one of the best advantages of hosting a website on Google cloud.


4. Multiple Backups of Website Data


Google cloud services offer the multi-location backup option to their clients. This way, your website data is more secure and readily accessible if there is any server breakdown. 


5. Convenience of Live Migration


Google cloud hosting offers a live migration option that is not available from AWS or Microsoft. With the live migration feature, you can migrate running virtual machines in between different server locations. 


Wrapping Up


Expert website owners rely on Google cloud hosting due to its advantages of hosting a website on Google cloud. You can get in touch with AES cloud hosting for expert cloud hosting services


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