alloy wheel refurbishment

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Services From Experts

The process of alloy wheel refurbishment is technical and time taking. Choose the best company with minimum rates.

The Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

The restoration of the alloy wheel is best done by a professional. When the professional renews their alloy wheels, the tires will remove from the wheels. Peeling the wheel of the existing finish should be done before any work. It allows maximum adhesion of the new finish. It also allows you to assess all damages for repair. An approved chemical is used to strip alloy wheels, so you don't have to worry about tire damage.

What is an alloy?

Before we get into the more detail of alloy wheel refurbishment, it is essential to talk about the alloy material. Specifically, when "alloy wheels" are discussed, it refers to a wheel made of a mixture of metals, such as aluminium or magnesium. Because of the metals that often form alloy wheels, they are often also called "magnetic wheels."

Preparation of alloy wheel for refurbishment

  • After the process of stripping, the wheel blasting is done to eliminate anything that may leave off the finish.

  • It is also useful to eliminate corrosion if there is any present inside the wheel.
  • It is also suitable for preparing the wheel for the reconditioning or refurbishment of alloy wheels.

Damage to the wheels, such as scratches and gouges, will be inspected and noted for repair. If there is only slight wear on the wheels, rubbing them should be enough. The deepest cuts in the wheels should be filled and sanded. It is a process quite similar to bodywork done in vehicles.

The painting for alloy wheel refurbishment

After the entire wheel has smooth in preparation for the restoration of the alloy wheel, a base coat usually applied. It is often a silver metallic paint. The level of skill necessary to do this is one that must learn. Practising is the best way to perfect this skill. The person who paints will work around the wheel clockwise. If you've ever seen a professional do this, you'll notice that they start at 6 o'clock and paint from the centre of the wheel to the rim. Continuing with this method, they will paint until they return to their starting point.

The whole process of alloy wheel refurbishment must be carried out quite quickly so that when the painter returns to the starting point, the paint is still wet. It is essential to mix the colour so that the endpoint is the same colour as the starting point.

Why choose a professional for alloy wheel refurbishment?

In addition to the need to paint quite quickly, the process is also thorough. The wheels are not simple round and flat surfaces. They are three-dimensional, and this can create a problem for someone more inexperienced when it comes to covering the entire wheel. The main problems in the refurbishment of alloy wheels are the operation of the paint. Because it applies with too much thickness in the stains. 

As you can see, this will require a certain level of skill to ensure that the wheels finish smoothly and without dripping or racing. Often painters will use infrared lamps to dry the base coat. Once the paint has been applied, a clear coat of lacquer is applied to the wheel to help make the paint look great. It is the final step in refurbishment of alloy wheels.

Restoring your wheels may include the use of various colours. Cream, gold, satin black, metallic black, anthracite and metallic anthracite are just some of the colours from which you can choose. Of course, as mentioned, its standard colours are the lowest priced. Better than the price of new tires, the reconditioning of alloy wheels can be the answer to the appearance of your car.

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