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Amazing literature topics for writing a college essay

Writing a college essay is a very important task. Usually, it consists of 180-320 words. If you are going to write such a paper, be sure to find out how many words are required in advance.

Writing a college essay is a very important task. Usually, it consists of 180-320 words. If you are going to write such a paper, be sure to find out how many words are required in advance. The structure of the essay is the same. There should be a heading (what the essay is all about), an introduction (2-3 short sentences covering the topic), a main body (2-3 paragraphs describing the gist of the narration where you need to fully and competently disclose the topic, give reasons and arguments for them) and conclusion (2-4 sentences summarizing all of the written above).

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Writing a college essay is fun


Family relationships is a whole thematic block for English essays. Here they can reveal general issues (family is an important part of life, family happiness, family traditions) or carry out a more narrow analysis (only child in a family, especially large families, families without one parent).

Learning foreign languages

This is another standard topic for an English essay. Here you reveal the relevance of learning foreign languages, reflect on the methods and modern techniques, and also assess the difficulty of learning a language among native speakers and remotely.


Travel topics are studied every school year. Therefore, there should be no problems with writing such an essay either. Specifically on the topic, they usually talk about what travel gives to people and how they are attractive, what problems modern tourism has (or does not have), what is more in travel: rest or knowledge of the world.

Life in a big city

Urban and rural life is a good topic for analytical essays, since comparative analysis is most often carried out here. The introduction points out the problem of opposites, or the tendency to replace urban life with rural and vice versa. The main part, respectively, reveals the advantages of living in the city or in the countryside, and indicates their disadvantages. In conclusion, you just have to express your opinion on this topic (I personally would like to live in a city/in a village, because ...).

Choosing a career

Any graduate is concerned about the upcoming career choice, so this is an extremely relevant topic for an English essay. In the text, they often talk about the important role of career in a person's life, talk about the continuity of professions from parents and the personal choice of adolescents, point to difficult working moments (work schedule, low pay, lack of interest in the profession, etc.).

Money for happiness

The money issue is just in tune with the working topic. Moreover, most often the financial topics of essays in English are associated with morality and outlook on life. Pupils are asked to speculate about the role of money in a person's life, the choice between a successful career and other values, and priorities in spending money. It also touches upon the moments of pocket money, big earnings of famous personalities and charity.

Modern technologies

Computers, video communications, smartphones, games, video blogs and much more are united in this topic. In the text, you can talk about the technological breakthrough of society, as well as describe the useful and negative consequences of such a breakthrough. You can also devote your work to reasoning about the impact of the computer industry on humanity: what has changed in people's lives for the better and for the worse. This also includes the problems of books and newspapers, which are increasingly replacing electronic gadgets. Do you know how to solve this issue, or do you think that there is no problem at all? Try expressing your views in an English essay.

Space exploration

The topic of space research has not lost its relevance for several decades. But has humanity achieved serious results? Is it worth spending huge funds annually on space exploration? Or is it better to focus all your attention on planet Earth?

Tomorrow's world

And here students should describe their view of the world of the future. According to the format of the work, this topic is usually covered with the help of an essay opinion, but some tasks may involve writing a text with arguments for and against. But in any case, the content of the text depends only on your imagination about the development of society and the world. By the way, you can start or end such an essay with the standard wording that life does not stand still, and the world is constantly changing.

This is how a set of popular topics for essays in English looks like. Using their example, we tried to explain in detail how this or that composition should look like. Your task is to try your hand at composing texts of various types and topics.

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