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Reasons why professional copywriting services are expensive than freelancers

Wondering why professional content writing agencies charge more than freelancers for their services? Want to know the reasons why? Here is a quick fix for the same. Get to know more updates about professional agency and freelancers. How to choose and why. Click to know more about the Reasons why professional copywriting services are expensive than freelancers.

Quality content is the need of the hour. With the right content, reaching out to the target audience becomes convenient and also effective in terms of business growth. So, avail writing services from a professional Content Writing Agency in Hyderabad can help you reduce the burden of sitting for hours and brainstorming ideas for your content.

You can simply leave it to the professionals and they will take care fo the rest. On another instance, hiring freelancers can also be an option. Although they charge lesser than professional agencies, they have their own pace of work.

Besides, freelancers tend to provide specialised services, whereas professional agencies are well versed with providing mulitple types of content.


Comparing professional agencies with freelancers


As already mentioned, a leading content writing company is expensive in terms of services than a freelancer. This difference can be attributed to a range of reasons which include their work environment, working approach, resources, etc.

Here is a detailed overview of the reasons why professional services are expensive than freelancing services.

  • Exclusive resources

Professional organisations recruit resources after a rigorous interview and screening session. They also provide them with adequate training to make them ready for delivering quality content in minimum duration.

On the other hand, freelancers are self-owners and do not invest in recruiting resources to work under them. They may or may not choose to undergo training for self-development on skills and writing styles while providing content writing services.

  • Work approach

A leading agency follows stringent tules in executing a project. They follow a tree structure wherein the resources perform their respective tasks of writing, editing and quality checking, one after another. Hiring such wide resources also incurs considerable cost.

Contrarily, a freelancer works at their own pace and do not have to follow any strict approach to their working pattern. The entire work of writing, editing and quality checking are carried out by the freelancer himself.

  • SEO

A content writing company also performs appropriate SEO or search engine optimisation for every content before delivering. SEO is an essential factor for boosting page ranks in SERPs, for which professionals are mostly hired. Hiring an SEO analyst team incurs a huge investment. Proper SEO optimized content will always give some extra benefits. 

Contrary to this, freelancers providing copywriting services do not require any SEO team for rendering their services. They follow the basic guidelines of framing content and deliver the same.

  • Multifaceted  writeups

Content writing agency provides multiple writing genres - articles, blogs, social media posts, guest posts, product descriptions, etc. all under one umbrella. They also provide SEO and VSO or voice search optimized content to remain at par with emerging technologies.

Freelancers, on the other hand, are more into offering graphic designing, website designing activities. They make your website appealing to the onlookers and other related writing concerns.

  • Premium tools

Leading agencies also use premium software and tools for making a content deliverable after writing the same. Tools such as Grammarly, Yoast, Copyscape are all used to check for errors, plagiarism, and then delivered to the clients. All of this requires a significant investment at regular intervals - monthly or yearly.

On the other side, freelancers do not necessarily make use of such costly software or tools, following which sot incurred in quite lower when catering to these services.

Therefore, it is clear that a content writing company offers a wide range of services that require considerable investment. Whereas, freelancers do not have to incur any huge cost, following which their services are charged comparatively lower than agencies.

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